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Managing Resources Effectively to Generate Successful Project Outcomes

 This recorded webinar will benefit those looking for insight and advice on how to improve the overall effectiveness of resource management across their organization.

We are delighted to be joined by acknowledged expert in Global Resource Management (GRM) Randy Mysliviec, Managing Director of the Resource Management Institute (RMI). In the first part of this webinar Randy will discuss the importance of Resource Management, the challenges faced by Project-Based teams as well as discussing the benefits of Just-in-Time Resourcing (JITR). In the second part Kevin Hurley, COO at KeyedIn Solutions will give practical insights into how leading PMO's have utilized technology to achieve outstanding results with ease. 

Specific topics covered in this recording include:

  • The Importance of Resource Management
  • The Common Challenges faced by Project-Based Teams
  • The Benefits of Just-in-Time Resourcing (JITR)
  • How leading PMO's utilize technology to achieve outstanding results