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Download Beyond Time and Expense - this free whitepaper will show you how to drive exponential returns through resource management

These days, there’s a myriad of tools available to the Project Management Office and Internal Service provider to record, analyze and recharge time and expenses. Naturally, they each offer varying levels of integration with other business systems and often sport a range of shiny new mobile and collaboration features.

But what value do these systems really bring to the business. In this free whitepaper we provide a strategic insight into how traditional time and expense systems provide limited benefit to the PMO in the long term, or at worst, can create an expensive and difficult-to-manage change management problem when you try to reverse into a different, more functional, product at a later stage.

In this whitepaper we explore how the Project Management Office needs to go beyond existing time and expense systems in order to drive long term business improvements and enable the PMO to take a far more strategic role in the management and deployment of resources.

Key takeaways include:

• Things to consider when choosing a time and expense solution
• How to simplify and streamline the way that that you schedule, manage and plan your resources and projects
• How to achieve better visibility and transparency across the organization

Building for the future is widely recognized as the best way to cut cost in IT. Future proofing systems, leveraging existing solutions and adding new modules is always easier and less costly than starting from scratch.