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Download How Project Management, PPM and the PMO Work Together to understand how an integrated approach to project, program and portfolio management drives improved visibility, governance, productivity and control

The various definitions of PMO and PPM often overlap. Not exactly a critical issue, admittedly; but when their functions overlap – what they actually do - it’s different. It can confuse the organization, hamper its ability to get things done smoothly and profitably, and undermine the credibility both of the PMO and PPM.

KeyedIn® Projects has deep experience in this area and our new white paper clears up a lot of the confusion. ‘How PPM, PMO and PM Work Together’ identifies optimum models for PMO/PPM. It looks at ways in which best-in-class technology can help you synchronize strategies for a top-down strategic approach and a bottom-up execution-led approach. The result is speed, efficiency, clarity: the end of confusion and the start of tighter processes to deliver improved customer satisfaction and enhanced profitability.

Topics included in this paper:

  • Defining the roles of PPM and PMO
  • The functions and benefits of the PMO
  • Major PMO models
  • The functions and benefits of PPM
  • How the PMO and PPM work together
  • The strategic role of technology in PMO and PPM