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Download Navigating the Resource Capability Planning Minefield to learn how to align your business strategy with best in class resource management

Resource management and capacity planning are primarily people issues – who gets assigned to what project, over what timescale, in what location, and when. Planning applies as much to the quiet times as it does to peak workload periods, and the balance between slack and busy teams and individuals. There’s never any point in having some people sitting around idle while others are overloaded.

The white paper from KeyedIn® Projects explores the best ways of avoiding the human resource conflict and finding the optimum balance for all other elements of the project management mix; including investment, systems and data. It also looks at how project objectives can best be achieved within the restraints of the corporate environment and how the talents of your people can best be leveraged to the satisfaction of your clients.

Topics covered in this white paper include:

  • Essential points about resource capacity planning
  • The PMO imperative
  • The capacity planning maturity scale
  • How to move up the capacity planning maturity scale
  • The benefits of a balanced approach to resource capacity planning