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Download The Disturbing Reality of Today's PMO and learn how to avoid the consequences of an ineffective PPM and PMO Strategy

The PMO should be one of the most effective, dynamic and forward driving forces in the business. It can’t credibly provide momentum, however, if other stakeholders don’t value it. Sound harsh? Well KeyedIn® Projects research and analyst findings suggest there’s a big gap between many PMOs and the perceptions their internal colleagues have of them.

Our new white paper offers a detailed overview of the world of the PMO, including findings from global studies that could well open your eyes to how others see your function. KeyedIn Projects can help you build trust with internal departments and deliver real governance and oversight - a range of tools designed to accelerate and streamline your processes, and help you command respect across the organization - demonstrating pivotal value to the business.

Topics included in this paper:

  • Bridge the gap between the PMO and the rest of the business
  • Primary PPM functions
  • Consequences of not implementing a PMO
  • The internal challenges
  • Why project delivery can be difficult
  • The bottom line