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One Business. All Projects. All Resources. One Solution.

Whatever size your business, however many projects you are delivering, KeyedIn Projects can help you increase the chances of success, reduce and manage risk across the entire project portfolio and keep costs under close control. It works across the entire organization, as a standalone departmental solution - or as a fully integrated solution to project management across your entire project lifecycle. With KeyedIn Projects you can drive targeted improvements in project performance across your  PMO , IT , Professional Services , New Product Development and Marketing .

Take your PMO to the Next Level and your Project Performance beyond Expectation

Increased process control, a greater insight into resource use and a more comprehensive view of project status and progress are just some of the reasons organizations of every size and in every sector have established a Project or Program Management Office (PMO). But in all too many of these, the PMO is currently delivering only a fraction of its potential. Whatever the scope and capability of your PMO, whether it is highly mature or newly established, KeyedIn can help you make targeted improvements to the way your PMO operates – which in turn delivers tangible gains in terms of project performance. If that’s the impact you want from your PMO, KeyedIn can help – whether your PMO requires construction or fine-tuning we can help you identify and implement the right steps to take your PMO to the next level.

Take the Complexity Out of Managing Professional Services Projects

It’s time for professional services organizations to wrestle back control, to increase visibility of every project in their portfolio, to manage risk more effectively and to make more effective use of resources – deploying talent more strategically to maximize productivity and changeability. To ensure the financial management of every project is watertight. With KeyedIn Projects, that’s exactly what you can do. KeyedIn Projects is designed to support professional services organizations at every stage of project and program management. It gives managers the control and visibility they need, simplifies everyday admin for project teams and helps the organization as a whole learn and develop. 

Driving Efficiency and Productivity in IT Project Delivery

Internal IT implementations are some of the most complex and challenging projects to complete. KeyedIn Projects can help you take full control of your implementation projects, developing clear plans that ensure all stakeholders know what is happening, when – and how they will be affected. That reduces internal resistance, increases transparency and ensures optimum use of skilled IT professionals across the business.

Bring New Products to Market Quickly and Efficiently

Product development is a complex process that draws on resources across the business. To bring new products to market quickly and effectively, and maximize profitability, product managers need real-time visibility of project progress and costs – so they can keep the rest of the business up to date and plan in essential processes such as testing, marketing and launch.

Deliver Agile and Efficient Marketing Programs

At KeyedIn Solutions we understand the basic need of any Marketing organization to remain agile, efficient and profitable, creating sales, leads and profit through a number of digital and traditional means. To achieve this, Marketing organizations need to deliver on-time, on-budget projects while continually coping with changes in customer demand. With KeyedIn Projects you can achieve that through a more efficient, effective and profitable method of logging time, managing clients and projects, providing accurate, up-to-date data, statistical reports and analysis, using an in-depth project and work management solution.