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Streamline and Maximize IT Project Delivery

Any IT Team can streamline and maximize its efforts and productivity with KeyedIn Projects. Our intuitive cloud-based project portfolio management solution will help you to effortlessly build detailed, accurate budgets, projects and reports, concentrate on maximizing profitable delivery through reliable resourcing, and minimize redundant activities to retain optimum efficiency and productivity across the entire team.  What’s more, KeyedIn Projects supports the complete project lifecycle from project selection and prioritization, through to resource capability planning and project execution – providing the idea solution for both IT PMOs and Internal IT Service Delivery.

Improve the selection and prioritization of IT projects

Investing in IT with maximum efficiency has never been more vital, not only to make the best, and most productive business decisions, but also to remain ahead of the competition in the changing technological landscape. With the help of KeyedIn Projects, you can be confident in selecting the right projects and concentrating your on-going efforts on performing projects, whilst amending, or dismissing, underperforming areas.

Cloud based project portfolio management for easy integration and interaction

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily oversee all IT activity, work required and work completed, compile reports and create projects easily, to keep all integral members of the team up to speed and on track. Cloud based software means projects, tasks and reports can be tracked or completed, and can be compiled and sent from anywhere. Easy-to-navigate data, visual graphics and comprehensive analytics make implementing and maintaining IT systems at optimum capacity flawless.

Accurate Management and Tracking Across Your Entire Project Portfolios

Track projects, tasks and deliverables through accurate, real-time data comprising of time spent and reliable forecasted time required - to enhance every aspect of the decision-making process. A comprehensive overview of all business activities means resources can be concentrated where required immediately, and with maximum effect. Projects can be created, logged, tracked and completed from one easy-to-use system, keeping your IT programs within budget and on time.

Benefit from seamless reporting and forecasting

KeyedIn Projects provides a thorough and exhaustive project management tool to encourage and engage the team. Not only can you systematically process data, evaluate results and monitor development, you can also utilise KeyedIn Projects to drive your business forward. Progress, develop and grow with the help of evaluative tools and comprehensive reports, allowing you to scrutinise every detail and actively monitor each journey.

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