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Accurate Management and Tracking Across Your Entire Project Portfolios

Product development is a complex process that draws on resources across the business. To bring new products to market quickly and effectively, and maximize profitability, product managers need real-time visibility of project progress and costs – so they can keep the rest of the business up to date and plan in essential processes such as testing, marketing and launch.  But huge numbers of product development managers lack this critical visibility. 

Avoid manual and inefficient project management processes

Research shows that more than 30% of development managers work with disparate systems for project planning and resource scheduling and use inefficient, manual project management processes. What’s more, a quarter of development managers have no way to report on project costs reliably.

Reduce lead times and costs with KeyedIn Projects

KeyedIn Projects helps reduce lead times – and hence costs – for new product development, while optimizing efficiency at every stage of the process. By giving you an accurate, real-time view of project status and available resources, KeyedIn Projects helps you plan work more accurately and so ultimately bring new products to market faster. With real-time project tracking, you can also react faster to unplanned changes and identify and mitigate project risks before they impact the release schedule. Together, these benefits ensure that every new product can be delivered in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Make more strategic product development decisions

With KeyedIn Projects, you can calculate projected resourcing requirements and costs for potential projects. This helps you understand which projects are likely to deliver the greatest returns on investment, helping you select work judiciously to maximize profits.

Ensure effective project resourcing

With KeyedIn Projects you can see at a glance which skills and resources are available to work on development projects. This helps accelerate time to market and maximize the productivity of each team member – optimizing resourcing and scheduling across the entire team.

Improve project and resource cost tracking

With KeyedIn Projects, you also get intuitive tools to view and report on resource and project costs in real time. This helps you deliver key development milestones within budget and ensure that projects meet ROI expectations.

Deliver significant time and cost savings

By replacing multiple project management systems and time-consuming manual processes, KeyedIn Projects delivers significant time and cost savings for product development managers, enabling you to focus on more value-added work.

Increase business agility and visibility

Visibility of which resources are working where helps with capacity planning and enables to you to ensure the right skills are available for all current and upcoming product development projects.

Benefit from a fast, seamless deployment

KeyedIn Projects is a Cloud-based solution, which means it can be deployed quickly across your organization and integrated easily with your existing systems. Our specialist consultants will help you configure the system to ensure it meets your specific project management and delivery needs.  Find out more about our quick start solutions.

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