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Enable the PMO to lead change and increase the success of internal change programs

From IT implementation to organizational restructures, internal change programs are now an integral part of the business landscape. But for such programs to succeed, they need to be both planned and executed with the same rigour and discipline as client-facing projects. That not only means ensuring planning and delivery are aligned – with all parties working to the same goal – but also adopting effective governance.

KeyedIn Projects enables the PMO to take control of these change programs. It provides crucial visibility, for senior managers to get relevant information about individual workstreams and milestones, and for project planners: with KeyedIn Projects, it’s easy to identify potential resource conflicts between different initiatives, whether part of the program or business-as-usual. That in turn enables more realistic scheduling and smarter prioritization.

To support this, KeyedIn’s expert consultants can help the PMO to define responsibilities within transformation projects, identify relevant reporting processes and ensure alignment with overall business strategy.

The result is that individual change projects can truly be managed as an overall change program – increasing the chances of success.