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Put the PMO at the Heart of Project Communication and Reporting Project Success

PMOs specialize in gathering information – requiring or requesting regular updates from across the business, to generate the essential management information. But to become an even greater asset to your organisation, why not focus on sending information out as well as gathering it in?

Because the PMO has such an insight into how projects are progressing, it is the ideal source of updates to the entire organization – showcasing and celebrating success, from a key milestone reached to a project completed. This benefits not only the project team, but the whole business, creating a sense of ownership and unity: for the PMO, it means you’re associated not only with demanding answers, but delivering good news too.

With KeyedIn Projects, reporting is simple and standardized. You can develop your own templates for formal reports to key stakeholders, create user-friendly dashboards for those involved in the project, or simply provide regular, intuitive updates to the internal communications team.

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