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Take a More Strategic Approach to Resource Management

The more projects you’re delivering, the more complex resource management becomes. As individual project managers battle to get the right blend of skills and right level of staffing on each of their projects, it can often become a source of tension across the organization – to the detriment of certain projects, and to the frustration of the people involved.

The PMO is ideally placed to lead a more strategic approach. Because it has an overview of every project, and its progress, the PMO can advise on where priorities lie – essential whether responding to change or evaluating new opportunities: does the business have the resource it needs to deliver a potential project, and if not, what can it do?

Of course, to do this, the PMO needs up-to-date information on the projects in the portfolio. It needs to know not only status, but also which resources are currently engaged where – and what tasks and work streams are planned for those same people next week, next month or even over the next few months. With KeyedIn Projects, the PMO can have that granular visibility, enabling you to lead a more strategic approach to resource management.

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