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Liberating Project Managers with Automation

The clue’s in the name: you’re a project manager, not a mere administrator. Your goal is to manage – to anticipate and resolve issues, support project teams and work with your peers to secure delivery across the bigger program. Not just reporting, reconciling, invoicing.

KeyedIn Projects gives you the freedom to do exactly that, through advanced automation capabilities that release you from the admin burden. Weekly reports are automatically generated from the latest data on the system. Invoices are created automatically, as soon as you mark a stage complete.

So instead of spending all your time updating the status report, you can spend your time ensuring that everything stays on track.

More rewarding? Undoubtedly. More beneficial to the business? Infinitely.

To understand the potential of automation for your business, download Delivering project value , our latest Ideas in Action paper. Alternatively see how KeyedIn Projects helps your Project Managers deliver greater project value.