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Increase Billable Hours without Increasing Conflicts

The more billable hours your people work, the more you earn. And if you can increase those hours without increasing headcount, then profitability goes up too. But before you start tearing up contracts and insisting on a 72 hour week, here’s an approach that can help you deliver more billable hours, without expecting staff to work longer.

Because KeyedIn™ Projects gives you a true organisational view of resources and a fully up-to-date insight into project requirements, it enables you to allocate resources more effectively and respond rapidly to changes in workload. Instead of your fee-earners being left in limbo by a project delay, they can be redeployed quickly, where they’re needed most.

To find out not just how, but also how much of a benefit this could be, download Enabling flexible resourcing, our latest Ideas in Action paper. If you are responsible for Resource Management in your organization, see how KeyedIn projects can help your Resource Management Team.