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Delivering Project Success through Creative Collaboration

It’s project management 101: success only comes when the project team works as one. But in many cases, the only thing gluing together the disparate mix of sub-teams from across the business is you.

That means collaboration only occurs when you make it happen. Knowledge is only shared when you facilitate it. And the wealth of past experience that your ‘team’ can bring is rarely applied to its full potential.

If you’re looking for a better way to bring your team together, then KeyedIn Projects could be the answer.

KeyedIn Projects provides a platform for continuous collaboration throughout and across your projects and programs. It enables you to create a single repository of all project data, interactions, discussions and documents. It also builds a comprehensive project archive, making it easy to refer to previous projects for costing purposes or to revisit issues encountered.

The result: the whole project team can draw on the expertise within your business on an ongoing basis – not just in the brainstorm at the start and the lessons learned meeting at the end.

To find out more about how to make collaborative knowledge management an ongoing process, download Continuous Collaboration, our latest Ideas in Action paper. Alternatively see how KeyedIn Projects helps your entire project team collaborate more effectively with our intuitive work management features.