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Deliver Results through Precise Planning and On‚ąíTime, Quality Delivery

No customer testimonial praises the clarity of your Gantt charts. No matter how elegant and scrupulous your planning, it all comes to nought unless you deliver − on time, on budget, and to the quality the customers want.

That’s why the most important features of KeyedIn Projects aren’t the planning and scheduling tools. Instead, they’re the elements that are there to ensure you deliver on time, every time.

Like reporting tools and built−in alerts that make sure you’re informed the moment a deadline is missed. Constant cashflow monitoring that means you always exactly where you stand from the financial perspective, even against ever tighter budgets. And overarching visibility of all tasks and all contingencies, that make it possible for you to reallocate resources intelligently, in seconds.

These tools ensure that the effort you put into planning doesn’t go to waste. They ensure that your customers are satisfied with your organisation. Above all, they ensure that when reporting back to the board, you can show clear profit and all targets met, time after time.

To find out more about how KeyedIn Projects can underpin your project success, download Assuring Project Profitability, our latest Ideas in Action paper. Alternatively, see how KeyedIn Projects improves every aspect of project financial management in our interactive features tour.