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Make Project Management quicker, easier and more cost effective

KeyedIn Projects is a flexible solution for all your project management, reporting and scheduling needs. Our software efficiently allows you to monitor and oversee your whole portfolio of projects, while effortlessly viewing and modifying minor or major details that will make project management for your construction business quicker, easier and more cost-effective, helping you to enjoy a smooth-running day, every day.

Oversee all clients and contractors

KeyedIn Projects allows you to easily oversee all clients and contractors, giving you accurate and easy-to-find data to keep your construction projects running smoothly, on time and within budget.

All contractors, wherever they work, can log time, schedule workloads and update resources, giving you a detailed picture of the whole operation, including client interaction. Expert resource management will benefit every contract, construction project and consequently every customer.

Deliver better results

Through one easy-to-access, interactive system, your company can deliver better results thanks to more efficient resource management, better utilization of skills, clear collaboration and better communication. Use previous data to deliver better results on new projects, and benefit from detailed analysis and visual dashboards to view accurate status and completion data as and when required.

Plan, manage, control

Take control of the project lifecycle, from inception through to completion, involving the whole project team - whether they work onsite or not - across designers, builders and management. Plan resources accordingly, and adjust and address issues as they arise - not after it’s too late. Combine information from individual projects for an overall insight into financial and performance statistics, giving you the ability to adopt changes - including planning updates, legal regulations and any modifications in budget - as soon as they are required.

Easy to use dashboards

The highly effective, easy-to-navigate system allows everyone involved in the project process to access, manage and maintain key project data, resources and status - minimizing training requirements and delivering accurate data.

Simple, cloud-based dashboards provide access to complex data, easily displayed through graphics, reports and charts, making it easy to report on the progress of multiple building projects.


Download useful guides and calculators to see how simple it is to implement the KeyedIn Projects Project Portfolio Management Solution in your business

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