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Deliver More Efficient, Effective and Profitable Projects

KeyedIn Projects adapts and integrates with any Marketing and Advertising agency to provide a more efficient, effective and profitable method of logging time, managing clients and projects, providing accurate, up-to-date data, statistical reports and analysis, using an in-depth task management system. KeyedIn Projects understands the basic need of any Marketing or Advertising agency is to remain agile, efficient and profitable, creating sales, leads and profit through a number of digital and traditional means.

Manage resources and skills better

With a better time tracking system, project management software and task creation process, you can confidently and efficiently allocate resources strategically to improve profitability, even at peak times. Collaborating effortlessly across marketing departments, from accounts to design, allows businesses to focus on creating better leads, conversions and sales by targeting key areas for improvement, based solely on accurate data.

Invoice, task and report with ease

With a more accurate database of time logs, a more comprehensive understanding of projects and better allocation of resources, you can invoice, create tasks and compile detailed reports with ease, using the integrated features of KeyedIn Projects. Maintain optimal results and maximum delivery, while keeping in budget, within resources and on time, and evaluate efforts with analytical data that can be utilized to inform clients or improve output.

Regain control of budget allocation

Maintain an acute awareness of time spent, time required, resources used and resources needed to complete each and every project on time, within budget and with optimal results. Utilize all departments required to achieve each objective, make the most of billable hours and evaluate and record results accurately. Tracking across multiple projects and phases allows any agency to work across countless clients and concepts, without ever losing track of time, budget and resources. A better managed workload means a more agile team and better delivery.

Increase communication with clients and colleagues

Allow your Marketing or Advertising teams to communicate and collaborate with ease thanks to KeyedIn Projects. Across departments and offices, the whole organization can record working hours, complete efficient billing processes and accurate invoicing, as well as use comprehensive reporting tools to deliver optimum results from start to finish. Any key member of staff can gain an overview of any task through an easy-to-navigate dashboard, giving everyone working on the account a complete overview of where they are, what has been done and what still needs to be completed.


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