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Improve Visibility and Control over Project Financials

KeyedIn Project provides complete visibility and control over project financials throughout the entire project lifecycle. Offering intuitive forecasting, budgeting, financial management, contract management and billing capabilities, KeyedIn Projects ensures you are always connected to the cost and profitability of your projects and resources in real-time.

Align Finance and Service Delivery

KeyedIn Projects helps you easily align Finance with Service Delivery. Through integration with your Finance and CRM systems, KeyedIn Projects provides a clear picture of project cost and profitability from bid-to-bill.

Improve Project Financial Forecasting

KeyedIn Projects greatly simplifies the forecasting of project costs. Long gone are the days of compiling multiple spread sheets, with KeyedIn Projects all you need to do is add your demand for resource and proposed expenditure and then KeyedIn Project takes care of all the heavy lifting, automatically calculating and consolidating forecasts at the project, program and portfolio level.

Streamline the Services Billing Process

With KeyedIn Projects you can streamline the services billing process. Intuitive Contract Management and Billing capabilities allow you to define contract lines and billing alerts, ensuring another billing milestone is never missed.

Reduce Billing Errors and Drive Cash Flow

KeyedIn Projects intuitive time and expense management features ensure that entries are both timely and accurate. User Permissions coupled with an intuitive approval process ensure time and expense entries are accurate leading to reduce billing errors are prompter payment.

Drive Improved Customer Satisfaction

By reducing billing errors and increasing your billing frequency, KeyedIn Projects helps build customer satisfaction through more accurate invoicing coupled with reduced billing issues.

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