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Maximize Billable time while Reducing Cost

With people and their talent at the heart of your business, success depends on allocating the right people to the right projects, scheduling work effectively, maximising billable time, whilst minimising cost. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that project and time management are boardroom issues for companies everywhere.

Allocate resources more profitably with KeyedIn Projects

KeyedIn Projects is designed to help organizations take control of project delivery and maximize their profits by bringing the finance function and service delivery teams together in a single solution. Available as a Cloud-based service that integrates easily with your existing systems, our software helps you allocate resources more strategically, maximize billable time, and closely control – and report on – your costs. Find out more about how the KeyedIn Projects Services Resource Planning solution helps align Finance with Service Delivery.

Gain real time project insight

With KeyedIn Projects, you can see the status of all your current and upcoming projects. As well as monitoring progress to agreed milestones, you can see which resources have been allocated to particular tasks, and look at billable hours for each consultant in real-time. With detailed, real-time project information, you can increase performance, shorten delivery times and minimize cost risks. Ultimately, you can ensure that each project is delivered in the best and most profitable way possible.

Reduce management workloads

KeyedIn Projects’ provides tools and templates for effective project planning and for reporting on project status and costs. This helps to lessen the administrative burden associated with project reporting and ensures that multiple systems and processes never give a misleading picture of how things are going. As an additional benefit, you can standardize the billing process and make sure that invoices are submitted, and paid, faster.

Increase agility and efficiency

With KeyedIn Projects, you can see exactly which resources have been allocated to all current and future projects. This helps tremendously with capacity planning and helps you ensure the right skills are available for your clients. As an additional benefit, you can react much faster to unplanned project changes. If a project phase is delayed, for example, consultants can be quickly reallocated to other projects to maximize their productive time. 

Ensure greater intelligence for strategic planning

With KeyedIn Projects, you can use historical data to identify areas for improvement and optimize planning for new projects.  It’s also possible to model this data based on different project scenarios, which helps you choose the best way forward for your clients and reduces financial risks.

Gain complete control over project financials

KeyedIn Projects provides complete visibility and control over your project financials.  From forecasting project costs and expenditure, to managing budgets, optimizing resource deployment and recruitment, through to streamlining time and expense billing, KeyedIn Projects offers a comprehensive solution which directly integrates with leading accounting, financial management and ERP solutions.  Find out more about how KeyedIn Projects integrates with your organizations financial management application.

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