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Support Corporate Growth Objectives

When it comes to effective resource management in the professional services industry, success is judged on a host of criteria. How effectively, for example, is consultants’ time being managed and billed for specific projects? Can you give clients fast access to the skills they need, when and where they need them? And is resource and capacity planning properly supporting your corporate growth objectives?

Deliver Better Project Outcomes

To deliver the best outcomes on every level, you need a clear, real-time view of project progress, available resources, and financial data. Additionally, it’s important to understand which new projects are coming online and exactly which skills and resources are needed to deliver them.

KeyedIn Projects is designed to help top-level managers maximize the business value of their talent and resource. Available as a Cloud-based service that integrates easily with your existing systems, our software helps you allocate the right people to the right projects, maximize billable time, increase capacity available for new projects, and closely control project costs. 

Take control of current and future resourcing

Critically, it can also help you gain a clear view of resourcing requirements for current and future projects and react to unexpected changes much more quickly – which reduces the risk of slipping project timelines. Using KeyedIn Projects, you can see which consultants are available at any given time, and create professional development programs to address any skills gaps that may exist in your teams.

Understand the impact of your pipeline on resource capability

With KeyedIn Projects, you get a more accurate view of your growing project pipeline – and exactly what demands it places on your resources. This means you can recruit the right skills early and right-size your teams in advance and focus talent development programs on the challenges ahead. You can also plan and refine your development strategy to ensure that your consulting teams continue to offer the right skills to help clients overcome their business challenges.

Utilize greater intelligence for strategic planning

With KeyedIn Projects, you can use historical data to identify areas for operational improvement and optimize planning for new projects.  It’s also possible to model this data based on different project scenarios, which helps you choose the best way forward for your clients and reduces financial risks.  You can also enhance your overall business strategy with KeyedIn Projects. Assess the potential profitability of new projects based on client requirements and past experience, and focus on the highest-value work. 

Support strategic skills development

KeyedIn Projects gives you a detailed overview of each team member’s skills and experience, helping you identify skills gaps quickly and easily. Based on this insight, you can implement development strategies that add real value to clients and help you differentiate your service proposition.

Increase Billable Time

With KeyedIn Projects, you can see which resources have been allocated to particular tasks, and look at billable hours for each consultant in real-time. With detailed, real-time project information, you can also reduce the risk of project delays and wasted time, and ensure that every team member can achieve their full potential for revenue generation. Ultimately, you can ensure that people are deployed to resolve client challenges in the most appropriate and efficient way.

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