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Adopt a Framework for Consistent Program Delivery

KeyedIn Projects provides the perfect framework for ensuring consistent program delivery. From standardizing expenditure and resource forecasting, through to providing a standard tool set for managing deliverables and benefits, KeyedIn Projects will ensure the successful on-time, on-budget delivery of your next change initiative or program.

Achieve Greater Control over Complex Business Activities

KeyedIn Projects improves the visibility and control over every project and program in your project portfolio. With real time information available on program status and progress, as well as deliverables and resource capability, KeyedIn Projects puts the information you need to make informed decisions right at your fingertips.

Become an Innovator of Change

A poorly managed business change program or a transformation failure can have dramatic consequences for management teams and the businesses that they serve. Negative market perceptions, business interruptions or failure, management loss or tenure, an inability to deliver expected benefits, cost overruns, diminished customer and supplier relationships and talent flight are just some of the issues KeyedIn Projects can help you overcome. Our top down approach to project and program management helps you avoid taking on unnecessary and impossible challenges, by providing the management information needed to make informed decisions and drive change, in a clear and consistent format.

Improve the Alignment between Strategy and Projects

Whether operating at an individual PMO or Enterprise PMO level, KeyedIn Projects will help you align projects and programs with your business strategy, as well as your financial and resource constraints, through comprehensive portfolio selection and prioritization capabilities. Find out more about managing portfolios in our features tour.

More Efficient Management of Resources

KeyedIn Projects helps deploy resource more efficiently across your projects and programs. Featuring advanced resource management capabilities such as demand planning and resource capability analysis, KeyedIn Projects will help you maximize resource utilization across the entire enterprise. Learn more about KeyedIn Projects resource management capabilities in our features tour.

Better Risk Management

With KeyedIn Projects you can quickly and easily standardize the management of risk and issues across all of your projects and programs. Intuitive features ensure your project team members are aware of their risk mitigation and issue resolution actions. Whilst executives can get a consolidated rolled up view of all risk and issues at the program, portfolio and business level. In fact you can customize your project hierarchy to ten project levels to fit your individual organizations needs. Learn more in the KeyedIn Projects features tour.

Achieve Real Business Benefits

With KeyedIn Projects you can track all of the benefits associated with your projects and programs in a single consolidated tool. This not only makes it easier to manage and analyze the tangible and intangible benefits delivered by your initiatives, but it also places a greater emphasis on achieving benefits by improving overall visibility from the individual projects managers all the way up to the executive level.

Standardize Business Cases

With KeyedIn Projects you can enforce consistency in the way new projects and programs are initiated. From standardizing the way resources are requested, expenditure is forecasted, budgets are defined and deliverables are documented, through to the way business benefits, risks and issues are managed, KeyedIn provides the framework for consistent project initiation and selection.

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