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Complete Visibility and Control Over Individual Work Commitments

KeyedIn Projects ensures all of your Project Team Members never miss another task or deadline. Intuitive views provide your Project Team Members with a simple and consistent view of their work commitments, allowing them to easily update progress and status.

Easily View Task Assignments

With KeyedIn Projects your Project Team Members are provided with a central view of all of their task assignments, with notifications alerting them to any overdue or incomplete tasks.

Easily See Notifications and To Do Actions

Intuitive alerts and notifications ensure your Project Team Members stay on top of their work commitments by quickly notifying the user of new items, outstanding actions, approval status and upcoming issues.

Collaborate and Share Knowledge with other Team Members

From document management capabilities, through to social media discussion threads and comments, KeyedIn Projects provides the perfect platforms for your Project Team Members to share their knowledge, experience and lessons learnt.

Keep Time and Expenses Up-to-Date with Ease

Never miss another time or expense submission. KeyedIn Projects provides your Project Team Members with multiple views to submit their time and expenses as well as a dedicated mobile app.

Quickly Resolve Issues

KeyedIn Projects intuitive work management views ensure your Project Team Members have complete visibility into their issue resolution actions - ensuring issues are quickly resolved before they escalate.

Quickly Access Project Documents

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily centralize all of your project documentation, making it both quick and easy for you Project Team Members to access and share important project documentation.

Keep Connected on the Move

KeyedIn Projects provides a dedicated Mobile App allowing your Project Team Members to enter time and expenses, as well as view task assignments and client information whilst they are on the move. Learn more about the KeyedIn Projects Mobile App.

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