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Deliver a Step Change in Resource Capability Planning and Allocation

How can any organization plan a project effectively without planning how their people will deliver it?  It seems so fundamental that resource management should be part of project planning that it is, on one level, hard to believe that over 30% of organizations simply don’t align the two.

Unlock the key to profitable project delivery

Unsurprisingly, agile resource management and improved time tracking are key to profitable project delivery.  The way resources are allocated and monitored on each project is integral to success. But nearly a quarter of businesses have no real-time visibility into project costs, meaning that when things change – as they always do – those organizations simply don’t know what the impact is on resource demands or overall budget. The cumulative result of this is that an estimated 59% of organizations are unable to track project costs accurately. Surely this is an unacceptable risk for profit-conscious organizations to take.

Transform your resource management processes with KeyedIn Projects

The smarter alternative is an automated project portfolio management (PPM) solution that gives organizations the ability to manage resources flexibly across different projects. Knowledge sharing is automatic; each project and resource manager can see which resources –are available when. Individuals with important skills can be better used across the portfolio – and where there’s a delay in a project that means their time is unexpectedly available, they can be re-assigned quickly elsewhere.

Drive improved resource management

For the Resource Management Office, KeyedIn Projects delivers new levels of visibility into resource usage across all projects in the portfolio. From analysing resource capability, to assessing resource utilization, KeyedIn Projects supports the entire resource planning process.

Starting with high level demand planning, KeyedIn Projects provides essential management information for the project selection and prioritization process, by assessing project demand against resource demand, with the ability to model different scenarios. Resources can be earmarked for specific projects using resource supply or allocated to specific project tasks using resource scheduling. For short term engagements and business as usual activities resource requests ensure you can see all resourcing requirements in a single real time view. That not only provides a more accurate overall picture but also facilitates rapid re-allocation of resource to ensure project success.

Cope with changes in customer demand

KeyedIn Projects is precisely such a solution. It provides a single Cloud-based Project Portfolio Management solution that operates in real-time. As soon as the overall status of any project changes, that information is visible to all project and resource managers, plus the resources involved. No more manual processes, no need for vast spread sheets and multi-platform on-premise software that actively inhibit resource-sharing and collaboration amongst those involved.

Instead, with KeyedIn Projects, businesses get a consolidated view of all project and resource information. That makes it far easier to act in real time, to track project progress and costs, provide up-to-date reports and monitor risks.

Ensure accurate project planning

For Project Managers, KeyedIn Projects provides a consistent view of each project’s planning process, with as-it’s-happening detail of tasks and the resources involved. All the ‘moving parts’ can be monitored, ensuring a more accurate understanding of actual resource utilization related to need, with schedules optimized for on time and on budget delivery.

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