Drive your Transformation Capabilities

Managing the successful execution of important business change programs has become even more critical for executives looking to achieve a step change in performance. The success of strategic initiatives, whether at the organizational level or within business units or functions, can dramatically impact the underlying value of an enterprise, its cash flows, relationships with its customers and the morale of its people.

At KeyedIn Projects we understand the importance of transformation, business acquisitions and large change programs; we also know how these programs can generate significant levels of business risk if not executed on time and on budget. In some cases a poorly managed transformation can even lead to business failure. More commonly the inability to deliver the benefits expected or promised will result in business stagnation and negatively impact the business’ performance relative to its competitors.

Ensure Leadership Buy-In

Many of the risks inherent in business change are to be found in poor execution and oversight, rather than management and their advisers having a bad strategy. From planning to execution KeyedIn Projects ensures you have uniformity and rigor in how initiatives and projects are proposed, budgets are requested and assigned, and the impact supported and justified. With KeyedIn Projects Senior Management has complete visibility into project execution including milestones, issues and benefits realization meaning there are no unnecessary surprises.

Improve Investment Decision Making

Too often senior executives and stakeholders become frustrated that they are unable to manage the level of risk associated with the execution of strategically important change programs. The ever widening execution gap that separates strategic decision making from project related activities means that leadership can quickly lose sight of progress, and issues that can accumulate almost daily go unresolved. KeyedIn Projects can help bridge that gap by ensuring all investment decisions follow a standardized process and that full transparency and visibility is provided at every stage.

Ensure your Project Portfolio is Aligned with Corporate Strategies

In many organizations individual projects and initiatives are not synchronized with activities elsewhere, meaning dependencies are overlooked or ignored and there is little alignment between projects and corporate objectives – sometimes leading to adverse impacts to customers and employees. With KeyedIn Projects you can ensure your forecasting and planning activities are fully synchronized with project execution and management, meaning project decisions are based strictly on business value, as well as the status of the existing project portfolio, your overall capability to deliver and your budget and financial constraints.

Provide Consistent Portfolio Management Support

At KeyedIn Projects we have focused on a top down approach to Project Portfolio Management; making sure that the EPMO and senior executives have the tools they need to manage the performance of strategically important change initiatives, from decision making and planning to benefits delivery. We focus on the key information required to make informed decisions; people, finance, deliverables and benefits. Learn more about KeyedIn Projects top down approach to Project Portfolio Management.

Streamline Enterprise Governance

We see too many of our clients and our competitors deploying highly complex and expensive project management solutions that ultimately fail to deliver. At KeyedIn Projects we believe in a top-down approach, putting in place only those features that make sense and which are easy to implement in an EPMO environment. In short, we focus on business outcomes first, with technology as the enabler of progress and a means to identify unresolved issues. By focusing on the business objectives and desired outcomes of your projects and programs we help you build a sustainable and repeatable project governance framework.

Improve Capacity Management

All too often project failure is a result of poor capability planning and an inability to manage demand across the many initiatives undertaken in an enterprise environment. With KeyedIn Projects you can easily manage your demand for resource across multiple business units as well as tactical, strategic and operational projects. This ensures all projects are prioritized based on your overall capability, and with a more strategic approach to resource planning, resource usage and utilization is improved across the entire organization.

Ensure Consistent Benefits Management

KeyedIn Projects top down approach to project portfolio management standardizes the way your benefits are recorded and tracked at all PMO levels, making it far easier to evaluate the tangible and intangible benefits of your business initiatives across the entire organization.

Standardize Project and Program Management Processes

A key role of the EMPO is to ensure synergy across all departments in the organization by standardizing processes and project management practices. KeyedIn Projects top down approach to project and portfolio management helps simplify this process by enabling you to specify the information you need to manage your business and avoid the practice of managers volunteering ad hoc and unstructured information. From standardizing the way projects are forecasted and selected, through to providing a consistent framework for updating progress and status, KeyedIn Projects provides data at a level relevant to managing enterprise wide projects.


Coordinate and Collaborate across all PMOs

KeyedIn Projects top-down approach to Project Portfolio Management makes it the perfect tool to coordinate and collaborate all project activities across your organization's different PMOs. A unique project hierarchy helps you configure up to 10 project levels allowing even the most complex project organizations to be managed in a single solution. To ensure initiatives are managed correctly and executives have the visibility they need, key project information such as benefits and deliverables can be published at different levels in the project hierarchy making KeyedIn Projects the tool of choice for managing business change and transformation initiatives across the enterprise.

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Successfully Deliver Large Change Programs with Reduced Execution Risk

At KeyedIn Projects we help our clients and their people successfully deliver large change programs by delivering solutions that significantly reduce execution risk. We do this by ensuring that we understand our clients’ needs and strategies, and focus on the issues and challenges that could lead to an unsuccessful implementation. By combining our strong heritage, as a provider of program management solutions, with a contemporary point of view on the transformation lifecycle, and leading insights delivered by our business partners, we bring a strong value proposition. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects Partners.

Features in Depth

Learn how KeyedIn Projects Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management Features can benefit your Organization

Quickly Deploy the Features Required to Control the Portfolios, Programs and Projects Running across the Enterprise

KeyedIn Projects is a fully integrated project portfolio management solution, enhancing your EPMOs ability to standardize project delivery, increase success rates and make project delivery more predictable across the enterprise. Find out more about our EPMO features below or visit our features tour for a complete overview of KeyedIn Projects capabilities.

Strategy Alignment

KeyedIn Projects provides a comprehensive range of portfolio management features designed to help you select and prioritize projects based on your financial and resource constraints. By providing a consistent framework to forecast project expenditure, resource demand, deliverables and benefits, KeyedIn Projects ensures you have the tools in place to align projects with your business strategy and corporate objectives. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects Portfolio Management features.

Capacity Management

KeyedIn Projects incorporates a comprehensive range of resource demand and capability planning features. Whether you manage resources at the individual PMO level or across enterprise programs, KeyedIn Projects provides an overall view of resource capability across your entire organization, ensuring you have the ability to deliver both department level and enterprise wide initiatives. Learn more about how KeyedIn Projects helps you manage your resource capacity more effectively.

Resource Management

KeyedIn Projects helps standardize the resource management process across your entire organization by providing a consistent method to request and earmark resources, supply resources to projects, and to analyze capability and utilization.

Benefits Management

With KeyedIn Projects, tracking benefits across individual projects, programs, as well as organizational wide initiatives at the EMPO level is simple. Multiple benefit types can easily be created and managed including financial, unit based, achievement based or deliverable based ensuring clear visibility and control at every level in your project hierarchy.


KeyedIn Projects provides the ability to effectively manage deliverables at any level in your project hierarchy. Users are provided with a consistent toolset to enter deliverables and update status, meaning everyone involved in delivery has a full audit of whether deliverables are on track, have been rescheduled, missed or dropped. Find out how KeyedIn Projects helps manage project and program deliverables.


Ensuring effective collaboration and knowledge sharing across your individual projects teams, PMO and the enterprise is simple with KeyedIn Projects. From sharing lessons learned, through to storing documents and engaging in discussions, KeyedIn Projects enables effective collaboration across the entire enterprise. Find out more about how KeyedIn projects helps individual team members manage their work commitments more effectively.

Enterprise Level Reporting and Analytics

Using the KeyedIn Projects project hierarchy as the engine, reporting and analytics in KeyedIn Projects can be rolled up to any organizational level, meaning you can take a top down approach and drill down into the detail or easily analyse performance at the enterprise, business unit, portfolio, program or individual project level. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects reporting and analytics capabilities.


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Deliver Improved Synergy between Projects running under different Departments

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily deploy an intuitive tool to efficiently co-ordinate the activities of multiple PMOs, cutting cost, improving resource utilization and driving an overall improvement in visiblity of project performance at the executive level. Find out more about or customer success stories.

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