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Maximize the Return from your Project Portfolio

Whatever size your business, however many projects you are delivering, KeyedIn Projects can help you increase the chances of success, reduce and manage risk across the entire project portfolio and keep costs under close control. It works across the entire project lifecycle, helping you to select and prioritize projects across the entire organization based on your resource capability and financial constraints. This results in enhanced reporting, increased responsiveness and a richer understanding of the potential consequences of every change in project scope.

Drive Transformation and Operational Excellence

With KeyedIn Projects your organization can achieve tangible gains in terms of project performance, resource usage and informed decision making. From improving visibility into resource usage, project status and risks to delivery, through to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of project management processes, KeyedIn Projects provides a greater agility to respond intelligently, quickly and effectively to change, and make more informed decisions. This ensures closer alignment between corporate objectives and project selection and improved control over project deliverables, helping minimize project failures.

Prioritize the Right Projects and Programs

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily select, prioritize and execute projects to deliver the highest strategic and tactical business value. Intuitive project selection capabilities guide decision-makers to strategically prioritize, plan, and control project portfolios ensuring organizations increase productivity and on-time delivery. With KeyedIn Projects at the helm of your portfolio selection process, your organization is free to continually add value, improve results and strengthen performance.  Learn more about managing portfolios in the KeyedIn Projects features tour.

Measure and Monitor the Performance of your Initiatives more efficiently and accurately

With KeyedIn Projects you can minimize project failures by gaining complete control over your project deliverables. This helps identify potential problems earlier in the project lifecycle and provides the visibility to take corrective action before any financial or resourcing impact is felt.

Respond Quickly to Internal and External Changes

With KeyedIn Projects you will have a far greater ability to respond to change in a quicker, more effective and intelligent way. Through complete visibility into the status of your entire project portfolio, KeyedIn Projects enables you to make more informed decisions on resource deployment with far greater flexibility to make adjustments in response to a crisis. 

Eliminate Orphan Projects, Redundant Systems or Low-Value Initiatives

With KeyedIn Projects you can achieve closer alignment between your corporate objectives and project selection. By ranking your projects based on your user defined criteria, KeyedIn Projects not only ensures the correct projects are selected, but also ensures go, kill, hold, fix decisions are made based on your corporate objectives as well as your resource and financial constraints.

Reduce Labor Costs through a Better Allocation of Resources to Needs

With KeyedIn Projects you can gain a better understanding of your future resourcing needs across the entire project portfolio, by department, or by job role. By aligning resource demand with resource capability, KeyedIn Projects provides you with the ability to ensure individual resources are fully utilized to deliver the best-fit projects at the right-time.

Clearly Articulate your Decisions in Terms of Risk versus Reward

KeyedIn Projects helps drive better project decisions and improved governance by providing a single view of project, program, and portfolio status. By bringing all project stakeholders, information and processes together in a single solution, KeyedIn Projects provides a framework for rigorous project control and governance ensuring all projects deliver business value.

Address the Rising Cost of Compliance

KeyedIn Projects helps you drive efficiency across all projects in your organization by standardizing project management processes and driving best practices.

Reduce Overall Operating Costs and Deliver Greater Value

KeyedIn Projects helps you reduce operating costs by enabling you to do more with less. Our intuitive Project Portfolio Management solution helps ensure that you have a consistent approach to all projects, programs, and portfolios - this reduces inefficiencies in the organization, eliminates pet projects and ensures your resources are working on the best-fit, highest value initiatives - the end result, reduced costs.

Eliminate Surprises with Improved Executive Visibility

With KeyedIn Projects, portfolio managers use exactly the same management tool as the individual project managers they direct. That means it’s far easier to share information, make informed decisions about the prioritization of programs and projects, make go, no-go stage gate decisions, or decide when and if to reallocate resource across the portfolio – as well as maintain a clear view of the bigger picture and, where necessary, drill down into the detail.

Features in Depth

Learn how KeyedIn Projects Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management Features can benefit your Organisation

Quickly Deploy the Features Required to Effectively Select, Prioritize and Deliver your Portfolio of Projects based on your Resource and Financial Constraints

KeyedIn Projects is a fully integrated project portfolio management solution, enhancing your ability to select and prioritize the right projects – through ensuring alignment with business strategy, detailed cost/benefit forecasting, strategic risk analysis and long term resource capability planning. Find out more about our Project Portfolio Management features below or visit our features tour for a complete overview of KeyedIn Projects capabilities.

Portfolio Management

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily improve the organization, selection and prioritization of projects based on your project hierarchy, resource demand and expenditure forecasts. Find out more about managing project portfolios in the KeyedIn Projects features tour.

Demand Planning

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily forecast your demand for resources and measure the impact on your overall resource capability. Find out more about managing resources in the KeyedIn Projects features tour.

Expenditure Planning

KeyedIn Projects makes it fast and efficient to forecast your future expenditure plans against all projects and programs. Easily analyze expenditure forecasts against budgets to assess the financial viability of your portfolio of projects.

Scenario Modeling

KeyedIn Projects makes it easy to assess the impact of new projects on your existing portfolio. Intuitive scenario modeling capabilities enable you to create multiple scenarios to analyze how new, adjusted or terminated projects effect your overall resource capability.

Resource Management

KeyedIn Projects provides complete visibility and control over your entire resource pool enabling you to achieve an equitable balance between resource demand and supply. From skills management, all the way through to comprehensive resource capability planning and resource utilization analysis, KeyedIn Projects' ensures you achieve the best use from your most valuable assets - your people. Learn more about KeyedIn Project comprehensive resource management capabilities in the KeyedIn Projects features tour.

Deliverables Management

KeyedIn Projects helps to simplify the management and tracking of key project deliverables. Intuitive features make it easy to define and update deliverables at any project level, which greatly improves executive visibility and key stakeholder value meaning more products, services and systems are delivered on-time.  Find out more about managing deliverables in the KeyedIn Projects features tour.

Financial Management

KeyedIn Projects helps ensure that the financial management of your projects is watertight. From basic budgeting capabilities, through to analyzing the financial glide path of your projects, KeyedIn Projects provides a set of intuitive features that help deliver profitable projects, on-time and to-budget. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects Project Financial Management capabilities in the features tour


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