Service Delivery, Financial Management, 100% Aligned

KeyedIn Projects offers a comprehensive Services Resource Planning solution through direct integration to leading Financial Management and CRM solutions. This integration ensures the back office and professional services delivery teams come together in a single solution, eliminating the execution gap that exists between finance and service delivery in many organizations, enabling you to deliver more projects on-time, on-budget, with improved margins, cash flow and overall resource usage.

Better Align Resources with Customer Demand

KeyedIn Projects offers a comprehensive range of features and functionality that can support you from planning through delivery to analysis and reporting. Offering a strategic led approach to annual service planning and resource management, through to an execution led approach to project planning, resource scheduling and task tracking, KeyedIn Projects will support the way you work, extending the project accounting and pipeline features of your existing systems to provide a more strategic approach to project and resource management. Through integration with Sales and Finance, KeyedIn Projects will deliver value in four distinct ways: reduced costs for everyday tasks, maximized profit from every project, increased client satisfaction and a far greater ability to view and manage risk organization-wide.

Drive the Profitability of your Services Organization

KeyedIn Projects can help drive the profitability of your services business from the initial engagement all the way through to the final bill. Our intuitive annual service planning features enable you to assess your demand for resources across all projects, including your pipeline - enabling you to set realistic customer expectations and drive effective recruitment and training programs. Comprehensive project management features then ensure projects are planned effectively, with previous experience taken into account. Intuitive time and expense tracking features ensure project progress is tracked efficiently, as well as easily synchronized with your finance system, so that no costs are missed when it comes to billing, and accurate invoices can be sent out at the right time – even allowing for expenses incurred in multiple currencies.

Increase Services Team Productivity

With KeyedIn Projects all of your project team members will have complete visibility into their role and responsibilities in the service delivery lifecycle. Whether your resources are providing pre-sales support, or are responsible for ensuring key deliverables are met. KeyedIn Projects provides complete visibility into each individual's workload, to-do actions as well any upcoming or missed deadlines. 

Improve Commercial Project Execution

As the maturity of your professional services organization grows, KeyedIn Projects can help you improve your commercial project execution. From simply providing a repository of all previous projects and lessons learned, through to facilitating modern delivery techniques such as service productization and outcome based billing, KeyedIn Projects provides templates, dashboards and comprehensive contract management capabilities to ensure no dollar is left on the table.

Visibility into the Health of Service Delivery

From comprehensive analytics dashboards, standardized project status reports, through to intuitive resource capability planning views and individual work management screens, KeyedIn Projects offers a wealth of features to ensure you can easily assess the health of your projects, and your entire team remain focused on efficient and effective service delivery.

Align your Resources with Demand for Services

Vital for ensuring exceptional service delivery is to make sure your resources are aligned with your customer demands. KeyedIn Projects offers comprehensive resource demand planning capabilities, ensuring you can easily forecast demand for resources at every stage in the service delivery lifecycle. This helps improve resource deployment, reduces conflicts, enables you to set realistic customer expectations and be more prepared to cope with change. Learn more about KeyedIn Projects comprehensive Resource Management capabilities in the feature tour.

Manage Demand Across your Portfolio of Projects

KeyedIn Projects comprehensive project portfolio management capabilities ensure you gain complete visibility and control into your entire portfolio of projects - enabling you to roll-up and drill-down to see project and resource status at the client, program or individual engagement level - in fact you can easily customize your project levels to meet your own business need. With clearer visibility and greater control, comes improved project performance, better resource usage, and informed decision-making. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects Project Portfolio Management capabilities.

Eliminate Errors and Streamline Complex Billing

KeyedIn Projects helps to streamline complex billing processes through comprehensive contract management and billing capabilities. Whether your billing is time and materials, fixed price, ad-hoc or milestone based KeyedIn Projects have you covered. Quick and easy to use time and expense management capabilities, coupled with intuitive billing alerts and seamless integration to your finance system ensures billing errors are eliminated and accurate invoices are sent in a timely fashion.

Support for Global Services Business

KeyedIn Projects provides the features you need to support a global services business including comprehensive security; role based usage, multi-currency and multi-lingual support as well as an intuitive project hierarchy which tailors your reporting and analytics to your organizations service delivery structure. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects configuration capabilities in the feature tour


See how KeyedIn Projects Integrates with leading Financial, CRM and ERP solutions to provide a fully integrated Services Resource Planning Solution

Easily Integrate with Leading Financial, CRM and ERP Solutions

KeyedIn Projects provides out-of-the-box integration to leading Financial Management and CRM solutions including Intacct and Salesforce. We also offer a series of APIs and work with Jitterbit the leading agile cloud integration solution to connect with your existing cloud or on-premise solutions. Learn more about KeyedIn Projects Integration Capabilities.

Integration in Focus: KeyedIn Projects and Intacct Combine to Provide Leading SRP Functionality in the Cloud

KeyedIn Projects is now ready for immediate integration with your Intacct solution. It talks directly to the Intacct Platform, using existing APIs so that data flow between the two solutions is instant and consistent – enabling full integration between your back office and your project teams. However, admin rights are preserved: that means that while each project manager can see the detail they need from the Intacct system, they can only update information within KeyedIn Projects. Individual consultants only have to submit expenses in KeyedIn Projects: the claim is then automatically sent into Intacct for approval. It’s an integration that benefits the business – connecting the vital information to support decision-making and management – but is easy to use for the individual. Learn more about how KeyedIn Projects and Intacct combine to increase the strength of your project decisions.

Features in Depth

Learn how KeyedIn Projects Comprehensive Services Resource Planning Features can benefit your Organization

Quickly Deploy the Features Required to Streamline Operations, Drive Profitability and Increase the Productivity and Performance of your Service Delivery

KeyedIn Projects offers a comprehensive range of professional services automation and project portfolio management functionality - which when coupled with your existing Financial Management and CRM solution provides a best in class Services Resource Planning solution in the cloud. Find out more about our Service Resource Planning features below or visit our features tour for a complete overview of KeyedIn Projects Service Resource Planning features.

Executive Dashboards

KeyedIn Projects provides greater visibility and control over the service delivery lifecycle. By combining intuitive role-based dashboards, with comprehensive analytics and reporting, KeyedIn Projects provides much-needed insight into project progress, resource capability, utilization, billing and overall productivity. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects Analytics and Reporting Capabilities.

Demand and Capability Planning

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily implement a more strategic approach to resource management. With comprehensive resource demand planning and capability analysis functionality not only will you be able to greatly increase your resource planning horizon, but with a more accurate long term resourcing picture you will be able to reduce conflicts and drive greater customer satisfaction. Find out more about how KeyedIn Projects helps you improve every aspect of your Resource Demand and Capability Planning.

Scenario Modeling

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily model the impact of new business, extended contracts, delayed projects and changes in customer demand across your entire resource pool. Intuitive scenario modeling capabilities enable you to select and prioritize projects based on your overall resource capability and existing work commitments. Find out how KeyedIn Projects comprehensive Portfolio Management features help you select and prioritize projects around your resource constraints.

Financial Planning

KeyedIn Projects includes comprehensive project financial management capabilities which enable you to easily forecast the cost of future projects, manage budgets associated with live projects, as well as track all project costs and expenditure. Learn more about how KeyedIn Projects helps you take control of project financials.


Unlike traditional project management solutions - KeyedIn Projects top-down strategy-led approach provides greater visibility over project deliverables, which in-turn improves executive insight, key stakeholder value and drives the on-time delivery of products, services, systems and milestones. Learn how KeyedIn Projects brings new levels of visibility to your Project Deliverables.

Billing Alerts

With KeyedIn Projects you can ensure another billing milestone is never missed. Intuitive contract management features coupled with billing alerts and dashboards ensure your entire project team has visibility into the billing process. Learn more about how KeyedIn Projects helps your Finance Team automate billing and invoicing.

Rapid Project Initiation

KeyedIn Projects helps standardize your project management processes and speeds up project initiation. Project templates can easily be created based on previous projects then used to plan new projects or to estimate the cost and resource effort associated with future projects. Learn more about KeyedIn Projects Project Management Capabilities in out Features Tour.

Project Status Reporting

KeyedIn Project provides a consistent framework for your entire project team to submit status updates and progress updates. Simple project status reports can be submitted in a common format ensuring specific KPIs are captured and recorded. Learn more about how your Project Managers can benefit from KeyedIn Projects.

Risks and Issues

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily capture all of the risk and issues associated with your customer engagements, as well as define and assign risk mitigation and issue resolution actions for your project team members. Find out more about how KeyedIn Projects helps you improve your overall project management.

Utilization Analysis

KeyedIn Projects provides a real-time view of your resource allocations, highlighting utilization levels and conflicts as well as resource shortages. Quick and easy to use, KeyedIn Projects includes intuitive features to help you locate and deploy available, qualified and best-fit resources, while at the same time, reduce under-allocated resources and identify potential resource shortfalls. Learn how our customers have increased resource utilization and productivity with KeyedIn Projects.

Project Cost Control

KeyedIn Projects helps improve project cost control by placing project cost information at your project managers' fingertips. With KeyedIn projects you project managers can easily see all resource costs and expenditures against budget, then, through integration with your finance system a complete picture of project cost can be seen. Learn more about how KeyedIn Projects integrates with your Financial Management application.

Change Management

Coping with changes in customer demand is an essential part of ensuring efficient service delivery. From initial project selection and scoping to comprehensive planning, KeyedIn Projects ensures every project gets off to the right start. Then, when changes are requested and logged, it helps you instantly assess the impact on the overall cost and schedule of each project, and its impact on the business. Learn how top performing PSOs Cope with Changes in Customer Demand without Negatively Impacting Service Delivery.

Analyze Revenue and Margin

KeyedIn Projects Contract Management and Billing functionality puts you in complete control of the project and service billing process. Intuitive billing alerts ensure you have complete visibility of when and how your projects and services should be billed enabling you to significantly reduce billing errors, improve cash flow and drive profitability. Learn how KeyedIn Projects can provide your CFO with greater visibility and control over project financials.


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Optimize Every Aspect of your Services Business

At KeyedIn Projects we have a proven track-record of delivering services resource planning solutions to professional services organizations of any size, from start-ups through to global organizations. Learn how KeyedIn Projects helps Professional Services Business optimize every aspect of the Services Delivery Lifecycle.