Significantly Reduce your Implementation Risk and Investment with the KeyedIn Projects Quick Start Models

To help our customers accelerate their implementation timescales, reduce their risk, reduce their investment and ensure clear visibility into all project deliverables, we have created a suite of pre-defined implementation models. Based on best practices functionality, our quick start models are perfect for organizations that wish to start small and fast then roll out additional functionality and features as their project management processes mature.

Best Practice Pre-configured Functionality

Maximizing the benefit from your project management solution doesn't always mean you need all the bells and whistles from day one. In fact we have seen far too many competitor implementations in our time where all that complexity has led to one result - failure. At KeyedIn Projects we have worked closely with our customer base and the KeyedIn Excellence team to identify the features and functionality needed to add value fast, to minimize complexity and ensure one result - success.

Basic, Advanced and Strategic PPM Models

We offer a range of models to ensure we meet your business needs. Our Project Portfolio Management range includes a basic model offering the most common PPM features such as Project Management and Portfolio Hierarchies, through to more Strategic Models offering Portfolio Selection and Resource Demand Planning functionality. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects comprehensive project portfolio management solution .

Basic and Advanced PSA Models

Our Professional Services Automation models extend the PPM models to offer the features required to effectively invoice your projects - this includes Time and Expense Billing and Invoicing. More advanced PSA models offer more advanced Contract Management and Billing functionality as well as Resource Scheduling Capabilities. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects professional services automation solutions.

Benefit from a Range of Predefined Scalable Models

Our models have been designed to easily scale, offering pre-set estimates based on the number of projects and resources managed in the system. The range starts at Small for organizations with less than 100 projects and resources, scaling up to the Large where the business has more than 250 resources and projects.

Bespoke Implementation Service

We also understand that not all organizations are the same. For more complex requirements our KeyedIn Excellence Team provides a full range of implementation and consultancy services to map KeyedIn Projects to your exact business needs. Find out more about the KeyedIn Excellence Implementation Approach.

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