Improve Portfolio Selection and Prioritization

Improve Portfolio Selection and Prioritization

Accurately predicting the future is key to corporate survival and ensuring your enterprise is competitive. But can organizations really know what lies ahead with any real certainty? Probably not, especially in light of recent market conditions. Organizations need systems which enable them to produce timely budgets, react to changes in organizational objectives and offer the flexibility to assess different scenarios and their effect on the organization’s performance. KeyedIn Projects provides a highly intuitive IT Portfolio Management solution that enables you to select and prioritize projects based on your organizational objectives and initiatives – as well as model changes in demand and business strategy.

Quickly Build Your Own Scenarios

KeyedIn Projects simplifies the scenario modelling process. Intuitive features enable you to easily build scenarios around live, new and proposed projects

Define your own Portfolio Selection Criteria

In our experience every organizations criteria for project selection varies. Whether benefits based, or you are measuring the strategic value. KeyedIn Projects lets you define your own selection criteria.

Analyze the impact of adding new projects to the portfolio

Understanding the impact of new projects on your financial and resource constraints couldn’t be easier with KeyedIn Projects. With a few simple clicks Portfolio Managers can easily analyze the impact of any new or proposed projects.

Easily Re-Profile Projects to assess the impact of delays, change in scope or bringing projects forward

With the KeyedIn Projects profile adjustment tool. New profiles for existing projects can quickly be created to analyze the impact of bringing projects forward, delaying projects, or increasing or decreasing scope.

Measure the Impact of your Portfolio Selections on Resource Capability

KeyedIn Projects scenario modelling functionality enables you to quickly analyze the impact of your current portfolio, plus any adjustments or new scenario’s on your resource capability

Analyze the Financial Impact of change to your projects, programs

With KeyedIn Projects scenario modelling functionality you can easily assess whether your project portfolio is in line with your financial constraints. By including and excluding projects, or by re-profiling projects, Portfolio Managers can easily align project selection with budgetary constraints.

Approve and Baseline Scenario’s

KeyedIn Projects scenario modelling functionality lets you approve projects throughout the project selection and prioritization process. This ensures all approvals are in line with your financial and resource constraints.

With KeyedIn we saw the power of having all our data in one place."

Tom Dougherty - Sr. Product Owner | The Riverstone Group

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