Accurately Model Project Demand and Resource Capability

Accurately Model Project Demand and Resource Capability

KeyedIn Projects enables your organization to accurately predict your capability to deliver projects, programs, strategies or ideas. KeyedIn Projects provides all areas of your business with an easy to use project and resource management tool that help's you define resource demand based on teams and roles. Through intuitive dashboards, executives can gain a real-time view of resource capabilities, enabling them to easily identify any resource shortfalls and to make critical go, kill and hold decisions based on accurate resourcing data.

Easily Create Demand Profiles for your Projects

KeyedIn Projects enables you to quickly create demand profiles for your projects in order to quickly forecast your role based resource requirements and analyze your capability to deliver.

Quickly Input Demand by Role and Department

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily create demand profiles for specific roles from specific departments, this enables capability to be analyzed from both a role based and business function perspective.

Enter Demand Weekly or Monthly in Man Days or Full Time Equivalents

Depending on the level of detail by which you wish to analyse Resource Capability. KeyedIn Projects provides the option to enter demand in Man Days or Full time equivalents (FTEs) across weeks or months.

Quickly Adjust Resource Demand

KeyedIn Projects lets you quickly account for project delays or changes in project scope. With a few simply clicks projects can be re-profiled and any demand delayed or brought forward.

Easily Compare Resource Demand against Capability

KeyedIn Projects enables you to easily compare your overall resource demand by role and department against your overall capability to deliver.

Supply Resources to Fulfil Demand

Easily supply resources to your projects to fulfil resource demand. Resource Supply is a great way to earmark which resources can be used on a project or to carry out weekly or monthly level resource allocation.

Compare Allocated Resources against Demand and Capability

With KeyedIn Projects you can get a real time picture of your overall resource capability by comparing resource allocations, to demand and capability across different teams, departments and roles.

Calculate Resource Allocations based on Task Assignments

Understand the impact of your Task Assignments on Resource Capability. Easily calculate your resource allocations based on your task assignments and compare to resource supply.

Easily identify remaining demand

Ensure your projects are fully resourced and you have the capability to deliver. Easily identify any remaining demand on your projects.

Claim Resources

KeyedIn Projects provides a unique feature that lets you claim resources supplied to your projects. This ensures you have the correct project team, for the required time, effort and duration to deliver your projects successfully.

With KeyedIn we saw the power of having all our data in one place."

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