Gain complete visibility and control over your project issue resolution process.

Gain complete visibility and control over your project issue resolution process.

Effectively deal with unexpected problems on your projects with KeyedIn's intuitive project management software. KeyedIn Projects issue management capabilities helps you identify and resolve issues with ease, so no matter what type of problem you encounter on your project, KeyedIn Projects provides you with a central repository to log all of your projects issues. Quick and easy to use, KeyedIn Projects provides all of the tools you need to effectively resolve issues and communicate resolution plans with your project team members.

Create a central repository of all project issues

KeyedIn Projects lets you easily build a central repository of all issues raised on your projects. Users can easily see all of the issues they own, whereas your project manager can easily view and share a list of all issues associated with a project.

Import Issues from Project Templates

KeyedIn Projects lets you speed up the creation of issue registers by importing issues from existing projects or templates with a few simple clicks.

Quickly Add New Project Issues

KeyedIn Projects provides an intuitive interface to add new issues. Users can easily define the potential impact of the issue and associate them with existing risks.

Proactively Manage Issues – Document your Planned Solution

KeyedIn Projects helps you pro-actively manage and resolve issues. When an issue is resolved, users are requested to document and share the solution in order to help resolve future issues.

Define your Resolution Plan Actions

KeyedIn Projects lets you easily define issue resolution plan actions and assign them to your team members. Assigned actions instantly appear in a user's planned work and deadlines, ensuring everybody is aware of what is required to resolve an issue.

Easily attach and share documents

Ensure your project team members have access to all the facts. With KeyedIn Projects, you can easily store any documents associated with your issues and issue resolution plans

Easily export Issues to MS Excel

Sharing your issue register with a customer or another system is extremely easy with KeyedIn Projects. Issues can be exported directly to Microsoft® Excel in a single click.

Keep Team Members Informed

With KeyedIn Projects planned work and deadlines functionality, your project team members have complete visibility of any issue resolution actions assigned to them

Easily identify any Overdue Issue Resolution Plan Actions

KeyedIn Projects ensures your project team members stay on top of their planned work and deadlines. Alerts and notifications quickly guide users to any open or overdue issue resolution action items.

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