Standardise IT Project Planning

Standardise IT Project Planning

Do you suffer from poor visibility and a lack of overall control over the performance and progress of projects in your organisation. KeyedIn Projects can ease this pain by providing a cost effective, easy-to-use online IT project management tool that is intuitive enough for first time project planners, yet has all the capabilities that seasoned project managers demand. What’s more, with standardised project templates, you can add consistency to the project planning process across the business.

Enter your Project Tasks with Ease

KeyedIn Projects enables you to quickly create your project tasks. The intuitive interface lets you quickly add task rows, input task descriptions and set durations. See Task Management for more details

Make Planning Simple with Interactive Gantt Charts

KeyedIn Projects Interactive Gantt Chart makes building your project schedules simple and fast. Easy to master drag and drop controls let you create new tasks and easily link tasks to dynamically build your project schedule.

Easily View and Analyse each Projects Critical Path

KeyedIn Projects graphical user interface makes it easy to visualize the critical path of your projects as well as change dependencies to see the impact on the delivery of your projects.

Easily Create Milestones

Milestones provide an essential check point for reviewing the progress of your projects. By setting the duration of your tasks to zero, you can quickly create Milestones in KeyedIn Projects.

Check In/Check Out Project Plans

In organizations where multiple project managers may edit plans, check in check out functionality coupled with versioning of plans ensures you have complete control and discipline over the project planning process.

Easily Reschedule Entire Plans or Individual Tasks with Simple Drag and Drop Functionality

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily see the impact of changing the start date on your entire project schedule or easily move an individual task to a new start date using intuitive drag and drop functionality.

Organize Your Plans by Quickly Grouping Tasks

Make your projects easier to navigate using task groupings. Easily group tasks in to phases or work packages with a few simple clicks.

Quickly Create Plans by Importing Tasks from Templates or MS Project

Quickly create your project task schedule by importing tasks from an existing plan, a project template or directly from a MS Project Plan. Templates are great for standardizing your plans, whilst importing tasks from MS Project enables you to manipulate projects when your offline or on the move.

Export Plans for Use in Third Party Applications such as Microsoft Project

Need to provide a customer with a copy of a plan, or wish to import your tasks into a third party project planning tool such as Microsoft Project. KeyedIn Projects lets you easily export project plans into the uniformly accepted XML format.

Customize Your Screen to Only Show Data Relevant to the Way You Manage Projects

KeyedIn Projects enables you to simplify the Project Planning screen to only show the fields relevant to the way you manage projects. If you simply need a task list, you can even hide the Gantt Chart.

Need a Printed Plan – Output Your Plan in a Single Click

Need to take a plan to a meeting or to email it to a customer?. With KeyedIn Projects you can easily print your plan, save it in PDF format, or email it in a few simple clicks.

Zoom In/Zoom Out to View Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Views

Navigating your plan and viewing your overall work breakdown structure is simple in KeyedIn Projects with weekly, monthly and quarterly display options.

With KeyedIn we saw the power of having all our data in one place."

Tom Dougherty - Sr. Product Owner | The Riverstone Group

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