Standardise the Tracking of Project Progress and Performance

Standardise the Tracking of Project Progress and Performance

KeyedIn Projects timesheet software allows you to easily allocate project tasks and analyse progress in real time. With KeyedIn Projects your project team members can easily stay informed of planned work and deadlines as well as track time against tasks, update percentage complete and regularly communicate project progress. Project managers can easily measure and analyse the progress and performance of projects via the interactive Gantt Chart, as well as carry out regular project task reviews and submit regular project status reports.

Easily Viewed Planned Work and Deadlines

The KeyedIn Projects My Work Dashboard ensures all of your Project Team Members are aware of their work commitments and deadlines. Easy access to Alerts and Notifications, planned tasks and assignments, to do actions, risk mitigation actions and issue resolution plan actions ensure your team will never miss another deadline.

Easily Update Task % Complete

KeyedIn Projects enables each user to easily drill down into each task to update their % complete.

Easily Track Time against Tasks and Assignments

KeyedIn Projects provides a simple direct timesheet entry interface that enables users to quickly and easily update the actual hours they have worked on project tasks.

Consistently Review Project, Task and Assignment Progress

KeyedIn Projects provides a dynamic view where project managers can easily analyze planned effort, versus the actual effort and the percentage complete of project tasks and resource assignments. This ensures the Project Manager has complete control over the final sign off and completion of tasks.

Easily analyse Task Progress via the Intuitive Gantt Chart

KeyedIn Projects keeps users abreast of task progress throughout the project planning process by providing a graphical representation of the percentage complete of each task in the Interactive Gantt Chart.

Keep Project Team Members informed with Regular Progress Updates

KeyedIn Projects encourages your project team members to collaborate and be open in their communication. Project Progress Updates provide an open forum for sharing progress outside of project tasks, risks, issues, deliverables and to do actions.

Get a Detailed Breakdown of the Overall Project Progress via intuitive Project Status Reports

KeyedIn Projects provides a standardized method for producing and archiving project status reports. Project Managers can easily update Project Sponsors on the Resource, Budget and Delivery Status of projects with a few simple clicks.

With KeyedIn we saw the power of having all our data in one place."

Tom Dougherty - Sr. Product Owner | The Riverstone Group

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