Simplify IT Project Risk Management

Simplify IT Project Risk Management

KeyedIn's highly intuitive IT project management software provides complete transparency into your risk management process, enabling you to identify, assess, manage, control and communicate risk across your project teams and operational initiatives. Risks can be placed into categories to suit your needs, such as business, project or financial and tracked through the various stages of the risk management process, helping you to develop a comprehensive risk register and aid successful business management and project delivery.

Centrally View and Manage all Project Risks

Plan and track all project risks with KeyedIn Projects intuitive risk register. Easily keep all Project Team Members informed of risk status along with the impact and probability of each risk occurring.

Import Risks from Project Templates

Standardize your risk management process. Easily import risks from existing projects or project templates to ensure specific risks are registered for specific project types.

Quickly Add New Project Risks

With KeyedIn Projects adding new risks is quick and easy. With a few simple clicks you can enter your risk details, define the probability of the risk occurring and specify the potential impact it may have on the project.

Pro-actively Manage Risk – Document your Planned Contingency

Begin managing out risk from the initial identification. With KeyedIn Projects you can easily document and share your contingency plans with all project stakeholders.

Define your Mitigation Actions

KeyedIn Projects encourages the pro-active management of risk. Risk Mitigation actions can easily be created and assigned to your Project Team Members to action.

Attach Documents

Centrally store any documentation associated with your risks. With KeyedIn Projects you can quickly attach documents to your risk records.

Easily Export Risks to MS Excel

Sharing your risk register with a customer or another system is extremely easy with KeyedIn Projects. Risks can be exported directly to MS Excel in a single click.

Allocate Risk Actions to Project Team Members

With KeyedIn Projects planned work and deadlines, your Project Team Members have complete visibility of any risk mitigation actions assigned to them along with the associated deadline.

Easily identify any Overdue Risk Actions

KeyedIn Projects ensures your Project Team Members stay on top of their planned work and deadlines. Alerts and Notifications quickly guide users to any open or overdue risk mitigation actions.

With KeyedIn we saw the power of having all our data in one place."

Tom Dougherty - Sr. Product Owner | The Riverstone Group

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