Streamline Enterprise Work Management

Streamline Enterprise Work Management

KeyedIn Projects comprehensive enterprise work management functionality ensures you have complete visibility and control over the creation, allocation and completion of tasks in your business. From the quick creation of tasks, to allocating resources, notifying resources, completing tasks and automating reminders, KeyedIn Projects provides a quick and easy to use enterprise work management solution.

Create Simple Task Lists

New to Project Management, or need a simple task list.? KeyedIn Projects enables you to quickly create task lists directly on screen with a few simple keystrokes.

Standardize Tasks by Importing Tasks from Templates

KeyedIn Projects provides a great way to standardize the tasks you create for different types of project. With KeyedIn Projects you can easily import tasks from existing projects or directly from Task Templates.

Easily Assign Resources to Tasks

KeyedIn Projects provides complete visibility of what resources are scheduled to work on each task. Flexible options exist for allocating resources to tasks including adding named resources, roles or searching for suitable, available resources.

Quickly and Easily Re-assign Resources to Tasks

If a resource leaves the organization or there is a sudden or long term absence. KeyedIn Projects provides the tools to quickly find a suitable replacement with the appropriate skills and availability

Create Resource Requests

Have a larger team or central resourcing function. KeyedIn Projects enables you to allocate roles to tasks to create simple resource requests

Quickly Map Roles to Resources

Need to allocate a specific Resource to all Project Manager tasks on a project?. The Role to Resource Mapping tool enables you to easily replace a specific role on a project with a named resource. This is great for quickly assigning resources to tasks created from project templates.

Support Task Constraints

Need more control over task start or end dates? KeyedIn projects enables you to optionally add task constraints including Start No Earlier Than, Start No Later Than, Must Finish On, Must End On, Finish No Earlier Than, and Finish No Later Than.

Comprehensive Support for Task Dependencies

KeyedIn Projects provides support for creating basic task lists through to detailed project plans, with complex work breakdown structures. Task dependencies can be created directly in the Gantt using drag and drop functionality, or by manually specifying any task predecessors.

Easily Review Task Progress

Keep in constant touch with the progress of your projects. KeyedIn Projects Project Review mechanism provides real time information on the status and progress of every task in your project.

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