We are delighted to announce the latest release of the KeyedIn Projects mobile app.

The new version of the app features:

  • Improved Collaboration - Project managers and team members can post against the projects they’re working on, reply to posts, send messages to other users and receive push notifications to alert them to new posts
  • Push Notifications - The majority of notifications available in KeyedIn Projects can now be received as push notifications on your mobile device or tablet. Push notifications are only received if you’re not in the app. If you’re currently in the app, you can still view the notifications on the new Notification screen.
  • Project Time Approval Improvements - Project managers can now disapprove time on their projects. A reason for disapproving time can also be entered if enabled on the General Settings screen in the web application.
  • Expense Claim Improvements - Users now have the ability to enter a comment when accepting/rejecting an expense claim and also claim non-reimbursable expenses if enabled on the General Settings screen in the web application.

The new version of the KeyedIn Projects Mobile App will be available to download via Apple's iOS App Store or Android's Google Play from Tuesday, 17th January. For those customers using KeyedIn Projects v6, you will need to re-enter you login credentials and select the V6 server option.