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Introducing KeyedIn Projects v6.2

KeyedIn Projects 6.2 was released on Tuesday, 4th April.  In addition to minor enhancements this release provides a new REST API and a new Portfolio Analysis module which allows Project Prioritization, What If and Resource Capacity analysis.

Portfolio Analysis

Select the best value project mix for your organization using the new Portfolio Analysis module. Evaluate new projects and see how they meet your strategic objectives. Re-evaluate inflight projects and stop projects that are no longer aligned to your strategy.


Project Prioritization – Projects are automatically prioritized based on a set of project custom fields. Define the weightings to calculate a project score.


What If Analysis – Create different scenario versions. Include and exclude projects from your Portfolio and assess the impact in terms of cost, benefit and alignment.


Resource Capacity Analysis – Analyse your resource capacity against demand for included projects at role and department level.  Highlight capacity shortfalls to help identify new hires. Change start dates for new projects to resolve conflicts.


Analytics – Build your own graphical Scenario analysis using report writer widgets.


Compare Scenarios – Compare multiple scenario versions using report writer widgets.



  • Get the data you need using a query based PRQL.
  • Insert\Update\Delete data
  • Support for Basic Authentication


  • Notification for Claim Rejection
  • Control the entry of negative Timesheets
  • Resource Plan - Filter by Confirmed/Provisional
  • Resource Plan – Filter by Resource Location
  • Resource Plan – Assignment Tooltip
  • Ability to publish over an existing user’s dashboard
  • Timesheet Entry screen will only appear if the user has maintain timesheet permissions
  • Increase the number of periods displayed in Resourcing to 18
  • Enforce a reason when disapproving time
  • Search on child departments on the Resource Availability Search
  • Mobile app – Enter a payment exchange rate when entering expenses
  • Mobile app – Ability to add project restrictions
  • Requests - Reduce the number of clicks when adding supply
  • Performance Improvements
  • Chinese and Dutch language packs

If you have any questions about the release, please don't hesitate to get in contact with your account manager.