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KeyedIn Solutions is in the right place at the right time. In today’s economy, organizations are looking for enterprise solutions that will help them work smarter and provide anytime, anywhere access without consuming IT resources or adding to the capital expense budget. The advantage is clear and the market is responding to Cloud-based KeyedIn Solutions.

As a Partner offering our aPaaS and SaaS solutions, you will be in a position to quickly capitalize on the movement toward the Cloud with applications your clients demand. With our Cloud-based applications, implementation is calculated in weeks rather than months, meaning your clients receive a faster return on their investment – and you do too.

A quick win for you.
A lasting win for your clients.

Based on our early success, we developed the KeyedIn Partner Program to help us reach new markets faster. The Program offers partnership options based on different levels of commitment and engagement. We have something for everyone and offer the flexibility to move from one program to another as your business needs change.

Today, the KeyedIn Partner Program is successful due to our unique solutions that offer a variety of revenue opportunities coupled with the commitment we make to our partner channel. We want to help you succeed with dedicated support and easy access to sales and marketing resources so that you earn results fast – both in terms of added revenue and satisfied customers.

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