KeyedIn Projects enables you to easily schedule your employees to projects, tasks and assignments.

KeyedIn Projects enables you to easily schedule your employees to projects, tasks and assignments.

Quick and easy to use, KeyedIn Projects provides you with multiple scheduling views enabling you to schedule resources, analyse utilization, schedule resource requests, manage conflicts and easily analyze resource capability. Using intuitive searches, role-based and skill-based methodologies, KeyedIn Projects helps you effectively reduce time on the bench, increase utilization and maximize the use of your scarcest or highest fee earning resources.

Allocate Resources to Tasks

KeyedIn Projects lets you quickly and efficiently allocate resources to project tasks. Users can easily add task based assignments via the project Gantt Chart or can add task based assignments directly in any calendar or scheduling view.

Schedule Appointments

KeyedIn Projects lets you schedule resources outside of your project plans, such as meetings or appointments. Users can quickly and easily allocate resources without the need to select a project task.

Add Multiple Resources per Assignment

If you are setting up a meeting or training course, KeyedIn Projects provides the flexibility to quickly add multiple resources to a single assignment or project task.

Search for suitable/available Resources

KeyedIn Projects helps you level your resource utilization. An intuitive search facility lets you search for suitable and available resources to deliver project tasks or to fulfil ad hoc work.

Reduce Time on the Bench

KeyedIn Projects scheduling views include a unique feature that lets you dynamically search for suitable tasks to fulfil a resources spare capacity.

Split Assignments

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily create split assignments to quickly exclude weekends on non-working days from your resource assignments.

Fulfil resource requests

Implement a standardized method of requesting and allocating resources. By allocating roles to tasks or assignments, Resource Managers can easily see which projects require additional resource.

View Team Calendars

KeyedIn Projects provides an intuitive calendar view where you can easily view your teams work schedules, add new assignments and search for suitable tasks to fulfil outstanding resource availability. Intuitive colour coding lets you analyze confirmed and provisional work, along with its chargeable status.

View Task Schedules

KeyedIn Projects scheduling view enables you to easily drill down into the specific tasks each resource is performing on a specific project.

Analyze Utilization

Get a clear understanding of how well utilized your resources are. KeyedIn Projects Utilization view provides a graphical representation of each resources assignments enabling you to easily identify under and over utilization.

Analyze Chargeable/Non Chargeable Work

If your business delivers chargeable services such as consultancy or design, each of KeyedIn Projects scheduling views lets you easily colour code assignments by their chargeable status. This lets you easily analyze how well utilized your resources are on chargeable work.

Analyze Confirmed/Provisional Work

KeyedIn Projects provides a number of colour coding options including analyzing confirmed and provisional work. This provides an excellent method of viewing a snapshot of how well utilized your resources are on confirmed work or for identifying resources that could be taken off of provisional work and reallocated to confirmed work.

Manage Out Resource Conflicts

KeyedIn Projects clearly identifies any resource conflicts. Resource Managers can easily manage out conflicts by searching for suitable replacements based on the skills and attributes of the existing resource.

View individual work and deadlines

KeyedIn Projects ensures every resource has a clear overview of their work commitments and deadlines. The My Work and Deadlines view clearly presents all tasks and assignments along with any alerts such as overdue tasks.

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