Comprehensive online timesheet management software to drive resource productivity and track project progress.

Comprehensive online timesheet management software to drive resource productivity and track project progress.

KeyedIn® Projects automates the entry, tracking, billing and reporting of time and expenses across the organization. Our online time tracking software system captures all time, cost and revenue associated with delivering your projects and services and offers multiple timesheet entry options. KeyedIn Projects timesheet management functionality has been designed from the ground up to be quick and easy to use. The system offers a comprehensive range of features and functionality suitable for both small businesses and global organizations.

Multiple Timesheet Entry Views

KeyedIn Projects provides a number of timesheet entry views targeted at different users. If your configuration allows, users can easily switch between interfaces to find the perfect solution to their needs.

Direct Entry

KeyedIn Projects provides project workers with a quick and easy interface to record time against project tasks. Easy to use and quick to learn, users can quickly type their hours directly into the cells provided.

Import Time from Previous Weeks

To speed up time entry, KeyedIn Projects lets users import timesheets from previous weeks with a single click. All projects and task information is pre-populated and the user need only enter their hours.

Populate Timesheet with Project Tasks

Getting new tasks onto your timesheet is simple, KeyedIn Projects lets you import your project tasks directly from your task based assignments. With a single click your timesheet is updated with your current tasks.

Classic Entry

For users with more complex time logging requirements. The classic timesheet entry view allows users to easily select the project, activity and tasks they have worked on via an intuitive grid based interface.

Repetitive Activity

With the classic entry view, users can easily enter repetitive activity by setting a date range and removing any days the activity did not occur. For example, I did 4 hours project management everyday apart from Wednesday.

Activity Based Workers

For users that consistently work on similar activities, the timesheet entry grid can be flipped, allowing you to quickly select the activity, then the projects against which you have performed work.

Define Your Own Terminology

Don’t let Projects and Activities put you off. KeyedIn Projects lets you personalise the screen-labels to your business. This ensures the system is flexible enough to deal with many different time recording demands such as clients, services, cases, work packages. You name it, you can configure it.

Speed up Entry with Defaults

Avoid the laborious selection of fields, easily define your own default project and/or activity to speed up data entry.

Track time in Hours:Minutes, Decimal, Days or Percentages

KeyedIn Projects provides a number of flexible timesheet entry options to meet every businesses need. The system can easily be configured to allow the entry of time in hours and minutes, hours decimal, days or in percentages.

Update from Calendar

For speed and efficiency, KeyedIn Projects provides the ability to enter your time without even having to go to the timesheet entry screen. Users with calendar access can easily update their time directly from their task assignments.

Line Management Approval

KeyedIn Projects supports both line management and project management based approvals. Line managers are presented with alerts and notifications warning of any missing or incomplete timesheets, as well as an intuitive breakdown of time entry by team member across weeks or months.

Project Management Approval

With KeyedIn Projects your Project Managers can easily analyze and approve the time each project manager has contributed to their projects directly from the project dashboard.


KeyedIn Projects lets you create simple time and expense budgets to track and compare your timesheet and expense entries against. With a few simple clicks budgets can be created for time, cost, revenue and expenditure for different projects, activities or roles.

Project Cost Control

KeyedIn Projects Time and Expense Management functionality lets you easily capture all of the resource costs and the expenditure associated with delivering your projects and services. Simple Time and Expense based budgets let you easily compare your actuals against your planned cost.

Analyse Revenue

KeyedIn Projects lets you capture and compare the revenue associated with delivering your projects and services. Actual revenue associated with timesheet entries can easily be compared to budgets or can be used to analyze the performance of your billing contracts.

Resource Utilization

As well as planned utilization, KeyedIn Projects lets you report on the actual utilization of your resources. Different statuses such as chargeable utilization and productive utilization can easily be configured and reported in the system.

Time Off/Sickness Analysis

KeyedIn Projects lets you easily capture and analyze time-off such as vacation and sickness. This ensures you capture all time so that you can gain an accurate picture of utilization and productivity.

Track Overtime

For organizations wishing to record employee overtime, KeyedIn Projects provides the ability to allow users to select whether time entries are standard or overtime. Different cost and charge rates can easily be associated with standard time and overtime allowing you to easily calculate the impact on project costs or easily recharge time at a different rate.

With KeyedIn we saw the power of having all our data in one place."

Tom Dougherty - Sr. Product Owner | The Riverstone Group

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