Governance for IT projects allows your teams to not only gain control of deliverables but also to create business value within the PMO itself. PPM enabled control, visibility, accuracy and consistency protects your business alignment with the enterprise PMO ecosystem when many IT projects use agile or hybrid project management disciplines. Software development and IT infrastructure projects in today’s PMO require high standards of governance—yet most innovative, competitive IT projects often must be delivered using agile project management methods. A PMO with top-down IT project control using built-in governance and integrations with agile PM tools lends consistent, collaborative, strategic power to your business initiatives.  


Manage IT Projects, When the Only Constant is Change

In the lightning fast world of innovative IT, you need PPM tools with built-in governance

The IT-driven PMO must operate proactively with solid governance protecting your resources, financials and your teams from change-induced chaos and disparate tools. Much of what you track during IT milestones is necessarily reactive; your PMO must become adept at recognizing the highest value projects and killing the ones that don’t deliver on strategy. Effective PPM reports and dashboards allow you to capture granular milestones, along with enterprise-wide resource deployment within both agile and waterfall projects. IT Governance built-into your PMO through project templates and standardized workflows allows you to constantly monitor and report status, benefits realization and business value with a click of a mouse.

Improve Competitive Advantage in the Face of Increasing Compliance Pressures

IT Governance allows you to remain both innovative and compliant

IT Governance allows you to not only be compliant when you align resources, costs, and deliverables but at the same time you’ll also save money. Through accurate, real-time data you can enhance every aspect of the IT decision-making process—from intake to completion. Create templates, run scenario planning and align resources based on a single source of truth from our PPM solution. With quality and compliance checkpoints built in to your IT project templates, you can help your company remain both innovative and competitive while minimizing risks and controlling costs.

Consistent and Repeatable IT Governance Creates Business Value

Cost-effective governance to maximize business benefits

IT PMO leaders will be seen as business partners that drive value in the IT industry with easy-to-use solutions that facilitate adoption. Infrastructure investments must be reviewed in the context of the business unit value they support. Allow your best resources to work in the project management tool they prefer, consolidate disparate systems, roll up data for consolidated reporting. Utilize top-down strategic planning. Standardized governance practices facilitate the discussions you need to put an end to pet projects and low-value activities that drag you down.

Stage-Gate Review Excellence for Maximum Control

Built-in governance at every stage gate delivers true portfolio empowerment

If you’re ushering a product from ideation into  or managing complex professional services contracts, you may use a stage-gate review process where the go/no go decisions are meant to control risks. If you’re building Whether you’ve structured your stage gates to score for resource use, budget or scope creep, the right data is the only thing to reduce risks and lock in the correct decisions. With KeyedIn Projects, you have all the transparency you need to protect the best investments in the PMO and keep the costly mistakes out of it.  

Make your IT Center of Excellence (COE) PMO A Standard Operating Practice

Integrating your PMO with your IT Center for Excellence with Solid Governance

When the IT Center of Excellence is aligned with the PMO through shared governance strategies, you will gain transparency for how each entity contributes to the business strategy and how IT makes it happen. Your teams prioritize against demand; standardize execution; manage infrastructure decisions intelligently; and strategically align with business partners, all in tandem to a set of clear KPIs. Portfolio management with KeyedIn Projects ensures that the methodology you use across the PMO for COE sponsors protects compliance and risk management while leaving room for the change- adaptive innovations that safeguard your company’s competitive edge.