Your reporting needs run the gamut from intake scenario planning to in-flight optimization to after-action analytics that deliver data to continuously improve your PMO. Whether it’s role-based dashboards or executive-ready risk breakouts, you create unparalleled visibility for unassailable control using our best practices analytics. With simplified reporting capabilities that resources and managers both can easily master, you can work smarter not harder to uncover the project data insights you need to succeed.

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Dashboards for Control and Visibility

KeyedIn Projects has used decades of PM experience to provide instant usability

Preconfigured dashboards make sure everyone on your team has role-based, actionable visibility from Day One. Once you gain control of project status reporting through dashboards, your analytics can pull up the decisionable data points you’ll need to create regular project reports, as well as manage project risks and issues, centralize project documents and encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration across the entire project team.

Business Intelligence from Project Assets

You can integrate your project platform with your other programs to ensure true BI

The KeyedIn Projects analytics package allows for real-time visibility into every aspect of your portfolio. You can gain business intelligence and share these insights with executive sponsors and project managers on the ground, for a more valuable, business-centric portfolio. Once your project management teams have created a centralized repository of project assets using KeyedIn, that include accounting and CRM programs, your PMO gains the ability to react to market and customer pressures. When you report on the KPIs you’ll need to do so, you remain a trusted business partner. Commitment to profitable change is easier when you’ve got the analysis to prove you’re on the right track –or need to pivot to gain the most benefit.

Inbuilt Customer Report Generator Provides Power to Perform

Out of the box analytic capabilities for project managers to executive stakeholders

You can provide the executive team and key stakeholders the data they need to drive strategic decision-making using our customer report generator. At the same time, you can drill down for end users to create the detailed reports they need to deliver on time and on budget. Built-in views that are customizable for managing analytics or for superusers to create their own reports, views and content. A variety of output options for reports on KeyedIn’s report library along with user-friendly report writers facilitate best practices on every level of your organization.

Portfolio Analytics Any Way You Choose

Whether its risk vs. reward assessments or Gantt charts tracking companywide programs, we’ve got your report

Every company that uses KeyedIn comes to us with specific reporting needs that each industry demands. Compliance reporting is common as is measuring project benefit and value against a weighted KPI well in advance of Day One. KeyedIn project reporting capabilities don’t stop at the project level: When you are looking for a holistic view of everything your PMO is engaged in and need solid numbers to justify your very existence, KeyedIn Projects is the platform to use. Run resource risk management analytics against current and future programs via scenario planning and uncover true portfolio power.