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Why Forecasting is More Important Than Ever, Technology Services Industry Association Embedded services organizations are now providing more revenue contribution than ever before. CFOs are noticing this increase of contribution putting services teams top of mind and in turn making accurate forecasting crucial for professional services teams. With true forecasting, the CFO gains access to visibility into the progress on profitability goals that affect the balance sheet and make sure customer billing follows a predictable cycle. With time and expense data integrated seamlessly with the company financial system, the CFO can easily track profits against overall company financial goals.

  • Improved Forecasting for Better Results
  • Better Resource Allocation Yields Project Profitability
  • Integrates Easily with ERP for Full Visibility
  • Real Time Project Insight 
  • Reduced Management Workloads 
  • Increased Agility and Efficiency 
  • Greater Intellegence for Strategic Planning 

KeyedIn Projects enables cost efficiencies and drives project profitability from both a top down and bottom up perspective – by providing an executive level view of resources, deliverables and financials, problems are mitigated while business opportunities can be seized. Because it’s cloud-based, it can implemented quickly, delivering a measurable ROI months or even years ahead of on-premise solutions.