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Project success always boils down to resource management – how well are resources allocated and utilized? Do we have the right people assigned to the right projects at the right time? How much work can we take on using the resources we have? What will we need in order to complete all the projects in the pipeline and support company growth objectives? These are questions asked of any professional services leader and a PSA solution might hold the answers.

To deliver the best outcomes on every level, you need a clear, realtime view of project progress, available resources, and financial data. Additionally, it’s important to understand which new projects are coming up and exactly which skills and resources are needed to deliver them.

KeyedIn Projects professional services automation software is designed to help top-level managers maximize the business value of their talent and resources. Our cloud-based solution integrates easily with your existing systems and helps allocate the right people to the right projects, maximize billable time, increase capacity available for new projects, and closely control project costs for a full view of projects and resources.

Critically, it can also help you gain a clear view of resourcing requirements for current and future projects and react to unexpected changes much more quickly – which reduces the risk of slipping project timelines. Using KeyedIn Projects, you can see which consultants are available at any given time and create professional development programs to address any skills gaps that may exist in your teams.

This Datasheet features: 

  • Support for Rapid Business Growth 
  • Greater Intelligence for Strategic Planning 
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction 
  • Strategic Skills Development