Professional Services Automation Software Buyers Guide eBook

Within embedded services organizations, the need to deliver value to customers and build lasting relationships is crucial to success. They must be able to forecast what needs to be delivered and create a plan to deliver what was promised. This process requires capacity planning to enable them the visibility into resource needs and and manage execution so the end result is aligned with execution. This can be tricky when using a myriad of systems to manage the customer life cycle. A comprehensive PSA solution could be the ticket to improved customer experience and optimal value driven services revenue.

What's in this PSA buyers guide?

  • The top challenges faced by internal services organizations
  • Checklist of functional PSA essentials to guide your search
  • Tips to capture and communicate ROI
  • Example of successful embedded services organizations

Introduction: Top challenges faced by internal services organizations

In professional services, people costs are the single largest part of project costs. If you spend a considerable amount of time, care and attention monitoring how you utilize your employees, you’ll be making a great contribution to keeping project costs in line with your and, more importantly, your client’s expectations.

Successful PSO leaders must be able to not only overcome these challenges, but they must also combat them to achieve optimized profits.

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