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From product launches to process re-engineering, IT implementation to internal transformation, as well as delivering services and solutions to customers, organizations in all fields increasingly embrace the discipline of project-based working. It provides a means of managing resource, monitoring progress and quantifying success... but only when applied diligently and intelligently – in a way that gives project managers the tools they need and provides senior decision-makers with the information they require.

In our experience, that’s where many organizations fall down in their project portfolio management approach. They either invest in an operational tool, which supports everyday delivery and execution but provides limited reporting capability, or they focus on the strategic platform that provides a powerful executive dashboard but places a significant additional burden on the project team to gather data.

KeyedIn Projects is designed to offer the very best of both worlds, strategy-led and execution-driven project portfolio management software that accelerates everyday tasks such as project planning, budget management, task allocation and scheduling, but simultaneously delivers the rich management information needed to support effective program and portfolio management.

In this free guide, we explore how your business can benefit from project portfolio management software. We begin by focusing on the core PPM features you need to derive maximum benefit from your investment.

We then dive deeper into the five major types of benefits that can be gained from an effective project portfolio management and PMO strategy. These include:

  • How to foster an environment where collaborative decision making is easier and more fruitful
  • How to minimise the risks to individual projects in terms of business impact
  • How to make sure that your human resources are being used optimally
  • How to prove the value of the PMO to important stakeholders – in terms that are important to them
  • How to make sure that success not only happens today but is more likely with future project initiatives.

To complete the guide we provide a quick checklist of the most common PPM benefits complied from across our customer base.You can use these to help build your own business case or to educate key stakeholders.

PPM Benefits Checklist

  1. Meet financial and business governance milestones cost-effectively
  2. Bring new products to market in line with strategy and within budget and resource restrictions
  3. Implement outsourcing and off-shoring initiatives with real-time performance visibility
  4. Track and optimize lights on activity to aid business growth
  5. Improve resource alignment and reduce contractor costs
  6. Reduce reporting timescales at executive and board level
  7. Get early warning of any potential problems in meeting program and project deliverables
  8. Enable stakeholders to access project status information relevant to their strategic interests
  9. Analyze the financial impact of cancelling a poor performing project
  10. Switch Priorities and redeploy resources quickly
  11. Download the guide for the complete list...