In this video we will look at how KeyedIn can support your business in Billing and Invoicing more accurately and in a more timely manner. We will see how Contracts can be used to manage Purchase Orders, ensuring that time and expenses are billed against the correct Purchase Orders. And we will explore how Billing Rules help us to define parameters such as Professional and Capped Days. We will go on to see how KeyedIn can help your organisation produce Invoices, providing control and flexibility around what will be billed against each contract line, and when. Finally we will see how KeyedIn can produce Invoices that can either be sent directly to the customer or be used by your accounts team to raise invoices through your accounting system.

Topics covered in this video:

  • Utilising Contract Lines to ensure time and expenses are billed to the correct Purchase Order
  • Use Billing Rules to manage Day Rates
  • Use Capped Days to limit the number of hours that can be billed
  • Quickly and easily raise invoices

Features covered in this video:

  • Contract Lines
  • Purchase Orders
  • Billing Rules
  • Billing Intervals
  • Capped Days
  • Invoices
  • Invoice Lines
  • Write off Time
  • Defer Time

To learn more, why not watch our full end-to-end KeyedIn Project Portfolio Management Demo.