In this video we will look at how KeyedIn can help your organisation to optimise your portfolio, by prioritizing and selecting projects in a what-if, scenario driven environment.

We will look at how weighted scoring can be to used to rank and prioritise your initiatives and how we can see the impact that new projects coming into the portfolio will have on metrics such as costs and benefits. We will also see how the proposed portfolio impacts the organisation’s ability to deliver, seeing the demand for resource against capacity ,and we will go on to look at how powerful and flexible analytics can be used to support the portfolio optimisation process.

Finally, we will see how entire projects, including their resource demand, supply and delivery plans can quickly and easily be re-scheduled.

Topics covered in this video include:

  • How to simplify portfolio analysis
  • How align spend using waterlines
  • How to quickly and easily perform What If analysis
  • How to analyse our capability to deliver
  • How to analyse your portfolio with powerful analytics
  • How to easily compare multiple scenarios
  • How to quickly and easily reschedule an entire project

Features covered in this video:

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Scenario Modelling
  • Portfolio Modelling and Optimisation
  • Portfolio Scoring
  • Project Move

To learn more, why not watch our full end-to-end KeyedIn Project Portfolio Management Demo.