In this video we will look at how KeyedIn enables actuals to be captured quickly, easily and accurately. We will see how actual time spent on both project and non-project work can be recorded and submitted for approval. We will go on to see how submitted time can be reviewed and approved by either project owners or resource line managers. We will also look at how expenses can be recorded and how expense claims can be submitted for approval. Finally, we will see how expense claims can be reviewed and approved for payment.

Topics covered in this video:

  • Quickly and easily Record Time in multiple ways via multiple views
  • Easily Submit Timesheets for review and approval
  • Quickly and easily capture expenses in multiple views
  • Quickly create expense claims
  • Add your time and expenses via an intuitive mobile app

Features covered in this video:

  • Time Entry
  • Time Submission
  • Time Approval
  • Expense Entry
  • Expense Claim Submission
  • Expense Approval
  • Expense Claim Approval

To learn more, why not watch our full end-to-end KeyedIn Project Portfolio Management Demo.