The Business of IT PPM - 3 Ways You Can Drive Impact

Project Portfolio Management or PPM has been a hot topic in recent years for business executives looking to improve how projects deliver on business outcomes.  But the concept applies to any suite of investments that needs to generate a return, and increasingly it’s something CIOs and technology leaders need to embrace. 

Hear from industry expert Andy Jordan as he discusses:

  • PPM in the technology world – the right investments for the right returns
  • A single resource pool – managing all resources in an integrated way to optimize performance
  • Future readiness – how PPM can accelerate your journey to business transformation and strengthen your relationship with business partners
  • Businesses in every industry are looking to optimize the return on their investments while maintaining the ability to adjust and pivot with minimal disruption in these evolving times.  They are using PPM to help them with that and they need their CIOs to help them drive future success.  Don’t be an anchor for your business partners.