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Strategies continue to fail at a rate of over 70% (EIU) and programs of work and projects continue to waste huge amounts of money - $3million every minute (PMI). It’s therefore time to reflect and shift the focus to one of value rather than compliance and/or process adherence that seems to be so commonplace.

The acceleration of the VUCA world will continue to put pressure on organizational leaders to change, transform, or simply just catch-up to stay relevant. Boardroom directors, c-suite executives, and other leaders must shift their business approaches to one that is driven by a value creation and capture philosophy. Success here lies in the adoption and integration of a number of key attributes around speeding-up and reducing waste. These include pivoting around the ‘3P’s to Success’ (purpose, people, performance), and value management that’s coupled to a higher level of portfolio management.

Collectively I roll those into the ‘The Age of Simplification’ where one sets out to free the entity from the mid-management process-centric stuff that I refer to as the organizational handcuffs, to allow for adaptability, and nimbleness to be quickly deployed as the need arises. Supported by Keyedin Projects cloud-based Project Portfolio Management software and Professional Services Automation solutions.